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Lead Generation in the Post Panda World

Ross Goldberg, the LeadGen GuyRoss Goldberg began his Internet business out of necessity, to support his family.  His initial success came from selling memory foam products online.  He lost this business due to fraudulent actions, and then took his SEO skills to other ventures, including as VP for Marketing with StomperNet.

Ross uses a variety of methods to drive traffic including:

  • Affiliate Leads
  • Direct Mail – this is extremely effective now
  • Banners
  • Books – One of the best
  • Adwords
  • Facebook
  • Software – Free traffic, e.g., from download.com
  • Press Releases – Many marketers try to “sell” vs. just using a service like PRWeb.com to announce.  This is the only method that creates “natural” SEO links, which is what Google currently wants to see.
  • Events
  • SEO
  • Referral Leads
  • Blogging
  • Articles

One of the best is using a book to leverage Amazon‘s traffic and high SEO rankings for your own brand or term.  Ross now ranks for the term “get more traffic” in Google using this method, which he calls “parasitic ranking.”  Then all of this traffic can be funneled into a sales system.

Working with small businesses can be a challenge, since local business owners are now being contacted frequently about improving their Internet presence.  So, local consultants much differentiate themselves by:

  • Focusing on a single vertical – Start with stores that you currently frequent.  Here, your Amazon book becomes the perfect “business card.”
  • Building on your own integrity – Business owners have come to believe that SEO work is now a scam.
  • Focus on a single segment within your vertical.
  • Build a functional email follow-up sequence.  The initial email should be a “thank-you,” followed by 3-4 “reminders” of specific advantages that can be derived from your product or free offer, in order to get them to actually read/consume it.  Then 2-3 buying-oriented emails, followed by hammering them to buy something.

Ross has been very hesitant to advise his clients on SEO, due to all the evolution taking place with Google.  Link building has now become tricky, in that only 25% of anchor text should be the actual keyword you are trying to rank for.  The Lead Gen Summit is Ross Goldberg’s latest creation, featuring many of the leading Internet marketers in a webinar-based conference.

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