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Promoting Your Reviews on Your Google Business Profile

Many small businesses invest money and time into collecting online reviews. Their hope is that these additional Google Reviews will assist them get more clients into their organization. Many business owners believe that these additional reviews will produce better rankings in Google Maps because that is the way things worked at some point in the past.

The truth of the matter is that IF the number of Google Reviews has any impact over rankings at all, it is VERY very little. Thus, putting effort into getting as many reviews as possible, or trying to outdo the competition may be a wild goose chase. Or at least that would hold true if you didn’t find out how to get more people (or geese) to see your content.

But, we are definitely not saying not to get reviews. Just make certain you are doing other things to help your reviews be seen.

Making Your Reviews More Visible

Let’s examine the million-dollar question.

How do we get more people to see our Google Reviews?

Getting more individuals to see your Google Reviews requires getting people to your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. This suggests that your service needs to rank higher for more keywords in the maps. This will, in turn, move your organization into the coveted area in Google referred to as the snack pack or the map pack.

There are dozens of strategies and elements that enter into moving your maps listing up the rankings. Some aspects and methods are intricate, while others are easier and uncomplicated. This short article is going to detail one uncomplicated technique that has shown incredible results in driving more traffic to your Google Business Profile listing, which suggests more eyes on your reviews.

google my business posting

As you may have thought based upon the title of this blog site short article, the strategy we are going to be discussing is Google Business Profile posting.

What is Google Business Profile Posting?

First of all, let’s ensure that we are all on the same page as far as what Google Business Profile Posting is.

Google Business Profile posts are created inside your business’s GBP control panel.

Start by logging into your GBP control panel. When you are logged in, you will see a choice on the side menu called Posts.

In Posts, you will have the ability to make up an entry that can include videos, pictures, words and even links to your website. These posts will appear on Google in a place that a lot of SEOs describe as the Knowledge Panel. This typically appears on the right-hand side of a Google search if you search for your company by name.

When you have an active post, it will show up in this knowledge panel and will add to the keyword significance of your GBP listing, which results in much better rankings in Google Maps.

What is the Best Strategy for Google Business Profile Posting?

Now that we understand the reason behind writing GBP posts, let’s discuss the method. We want to theme the postings for keywords that we wish to rank in maps for, in addition to the place that we are trying to rank for. Preferably, this is the city where your company is located. You will have a difficult time ranking for a city where your organization isn’t located unless there is no competition in that city. So how do we do this?

Posts About Local Events and Places of Interest

Given that among the relevant terms you are trying to add to your GBP is the city, it is a great idea to post on a regular basis about the city. The easiest way to do this is by posting about city events, popular places, and even less popular places that you and your staff recommend.

Be sure to include the city name a number of times, however don’t overdo it. You get 1,500 characters in your post. You must utilize as many as possible. If you use 1,500 characters, 2-3 times is plenty to talk about your place.

You have the choice of adding a link and an image to your post. You must do both. Pick a good image that will draw in individual’s attention.

As far as the link goes, this will get a bit more complex for this location post. If you are blogging about a place of interest, you are going to link to a driving instructions map from that place of interest to your company. If you are discussing an event, you will connect to a driving directions map from the location of the event to your business.

Team Local Map Listing

Considering that we are located in Milford, Delaware, we will demonstrate this concept using Rehoboth Beach, which is a place of interest in Delaware.

First find your business in maps.google.com, e.g., our search is for “Team Local Marketing,” as illustrated here:

Now click the circle with the arrow in it to turn this into a directions map. This will provide you the option to enter a starting point. This ought to be the place of interest that you are discussing. Once you’ve entered a starting location you can produce a driving instructions map .


Now all you need is a link to this driving directions map to connect to from your post. To get this link you are going to click on the menu in the top left of your screen.

Click the option that states “Share or embed map” and it will provide you a link to your map. Copy that link to use in your post.

On the posting screen, click “Add a button (optional)” and pick the “Learn more” choice. You must now see a placeholder that says “Link for your button”. Paste the link to your driving directions map there. As soon as you have your post composed, your image included and your button linked to your map, click “publish” at the top of the post screen.

Service Posts

Service posts start the exact same method as the place posts. Login to your company dashboard in GMB and click posts. Now you are going to write a 1,500 character post about a service that you offer. Preferably, you will have a page on your site that covers this service as well. When you have composed the post and included a relevant image, you are going to click the “Add a button (optional)” alternative once again.

Then choose “Learn more”. This time, you are going to connect to the page on your site from the post, so place that where it says “Link for your button”. Now you have the roadmap to location posts and service posts.

Review Posts

The last type of post you want to do on a regular basis is a review post. This is a simple one, and will likely not be as long as the other posts. For a review post, you are going to navigate to the Google Reviews for your company and choose one you wish to highlight.

As soon as you have actually picked the evaluation you want to highlight in your post, click the customer’s name. This will bring up a list of all of their reviews. Browse to the review about your business, and you will see a share choice. That need to appear like this:

Click share and you will get a link that you can add to your post.


As far as composing the post goes, find a great image that portrays reviews. You can use the exact same image whenever you post a review if you desire. You can either utilize part or all of the review that you picked. You are going to state something along the lines of, “We enjoy getting fantastic feedback from our customers! Here is what Jeff needed to say about us.” Then simply add the review text that you want to display.

As soon as you have this formatted, you are going to include a button as we carried out in both of the options above by clicking “Add a button (optional).” Include a learn more button and place the link that you copied from the review. Then click publish. That is it for the review post.

Putting the Pieces Together for Posting on Your Google Business Profile

In summary, we recommend posting daily, if possible.

This can be a mix of area posts, service posts, and evaluation posts.  Add keywords to the posts, however don’t overdo it.

Add the appropriate link for each post type. Do not expect to see changes within a day, but as you do this regularly for several weeks, you will see an increase in the insights portion of your Google Business Profile. 

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