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How to Rank on the First Page of Google in Minutes – Press Release Bootcamp

Michael X, who is often heard on the webinar circuit, teaches students how to leverage Google ranking in order to earn  up to $10,000 per month online.  According to Michael, anyone using these techniques could easily be deemed a PR/branding expert, as well as help to overcome any prior Google Penguin, Panda, etc. “slap.”

Generic Press ReleaseOn a recent webinar, Michael was able to rank one attendee, Harvey Jenkins, on the first page of Google, during the course of the webinar, by editing and submitting a generic press release submitted to Newswire.net (see screen capture of generic release at right).

Several variations of the most common keywords pertaining to marketing consultant and marketing agency were also specifically included.  A picture to be submitted along with the press release was specifically edited to include desired keywords within the image properties.  In addition, the press release in its entirety was copied into the image properties “description.”  In under 5 minutes, the press release was on the first page of Google for “best marketing agency raleigh nc,” and several other terms.

PR Newswire logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael (Taggart) has been using these techniques for over a year to rank his own press releases as well as for his clients and now provides in-depth training in ranking press releases.  His own press releases rank him as “coolest entrepreneur” in Google, as #1 and #3.  Michael points out that the techniques apply to SEO for any document, e.g., especially editing the document properties of items on your websites.

Michael’s Press Release Bootcamp, has been available for only 2 months and is now offered for only a limited time.  The class sessions are conducted “live” with Q&A covering how to get PR/news written, proper formatting, advice of pickups by major media, doing keyword research, competition research, local marketing considerations, and affiliate marketing applications.

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(2) Comments

    • George 10:17 pm


      Is this system still available and is it as good as it seems. I saw the webinar and was totally blown away. Thanks for your time.

      516-644-1753 EST

    • Jim 9:46 pm

      I haven’t seen recently (unless I missed it), but I’m sure it will be offered again at some point

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