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Ranking Post Panda – Is Article Marketing Still Working?

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Google’s Panda update is now about 6 months old.  According to Andy Fletcher, founder of DigiResults, Panda is nothing to fear, if you do SEO the right way.  What are his credentials?  One of his recent clients landed a contract for a major cell phone provider, using Andy’s techniques, by demonstrating the ability to successfully market $80,000 in handsets in a one month period.

Is SEO dead, post-Panda?  Quite the contrary.  Google’s tactics are to pick a few big name, high profile sites every year to devalue and scare everyone.  Many people will stop building links as a result, in their estimation.  Although it’s not true that nothing has changed, it is true that Google has a lot of marketers running scared.

One important concept, which Andy explains is the concept of “Query Deserve Freshness (QDF).”  Depending on what a user is looking for, it could be the latest CNN article on topic or a more static Wikipedia article.  Link velocity is used to determine specific results.

If Google finds 100’s of links to a page for several days and then afterwards, hardly any.  This defines a trending topic, or something like a passing fancy.  A more lasting commentary page will have stable, and consistently growing links to it.  Therefore the topic remains interesting and the page rank remains high.

The end result of Google’s algorithm changes is ranking death only if users stop building links in response to their scare tactics.  The key is to not suddenly stop building links.  But it’s also important to build backlinks from pages that have lots of backlinks.  Andy also teaches a concept of using “Link Fire Walls.” These are feeder sites to your blog or main site across several hosting accounts, which include the boost of an exact match domain, e.g., an important keyword within the domain itself.  By using several (about 6) of these firewalls, you can overcome the law of averages which dictates that 2/10 sites you build will never rank.

The link firewall concept can be used with free blogs from WordPress.com, Blogger.com, etc.  But if actual exact match domains are used, then the firewalls can be monetized using Adsense, Amazon, Ebay, or lead capture.  In either case, you must build lots of backlinks to your firewalls.  One method of quickly creating backlinks to feeder sites, is using automated software, e.g., Magic Submitter.

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    • Mozes 10:38 pm

      I think it would be good to get and idea as to what SEO techniques aaeiliftfs are currently using and what is working well, i.e. press releases, submitting to directories, article marketing etc. I think since the Panda update, many people have had to adapt their linking strategy. The problem is this has caused many issues for the struggling affiliate to get their site noticed. I will be at the expo this year as I am an affiliate manager for one of the Uk’s leading car insurance brands so I would be keen to see what you have to say.

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