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Top 10 Benefits of Online Content Marketing

In this article we discuss the top 10 benefits of online content marketing.  This includes both article marketing and video marketing.   Although these two methods are somewhat different, they both contribute to the advantages of publishing your own content online.

  1. Positions you as the expert.  As an extension of blogging, your online content can be easily distributed to many directories and websites, creating your own niche of expertise and establishing you as a leader.
  2. Develops your “brand.”  Creating your own articles can have not only the effect of establishing your online brand on your blog, but also promotes the organization of your thoughts.  This can eventually lead to life changing decisions about your own career and contributions to society.
  3. Keeps you in research mode.  Publishing articles and videos consistently has the advantage of forcing you to keep current and always be on the lookout for industry trends, product announcements, and the latest company information in your area of expertise.
  4. Attracts like-minded following.  Having current and cutting-edge content on your blog and in the article directories and video sites like YouTube will, over time, attract followers of your work and contributions.  The more useful the material, the more likely that your readers will subscribe to your content “feeds.”
  5. Your content is available 24×7 worldwide.  A major advantage, although the distinctions within the publishing world have started to blur is that online content is widely available any time that it is needed or sought out.  In addition, your content, if well done can become timeless reference material, documentation of events, and important in instructional settings.
  6. Develops a relationship with your following.  Especially with video content, your followers can become familiar with you quickly and with availability never before seen in human history.  Many video marketing practitioners report when meeting people for the first time they often are greeted by people who feel like a relationship already exists via the videos they have watched.
  7. Great for SEO.  Many article directories and video sites carry high page rank.  You content on these sites will produce search engine optimization (SEO) “points,” especially for articles/videos that generate a significant interest.
  8. Possibility of viral content.  The most popular articles and especially videos can begin to spread virally on the Internet, greatly boosting your own celebrity status as well as SEO ranking.
  9. Promotes syndication.  Especially article directories are often open to syndication of your content, further spreading your name recognition and back-links to your main site and/or blog.
  10. Automates your recruiting process.  If using attraction marketing, articles strategically written, usually will lead to a capture page to begin the relationship process with like-minded individuals who are already “on the hunt” for what you are offering.

Online content marketing is one of the most powerful and long-lasting activities and strategies available in internet/attraction marketing.  Producing online content is not difficult, although some practice is usually involved.  The rewards can be great in furthering your brand and as a way of generating leads for your business.

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