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How to Dominate the Search Engines with Google Hangouts and YouTube Marketing

Ryan McKinney

Ryan McKinney recently introduced some “new” marketing concepts for Google on a Webinar Swaps online training session.  RyMac, as he is known in the Internet marketing community, has achieved considerable time freedom as a result of his successful Internet marketing exploits.  His job description is “connecting people with problems to their solution usually using the Internet.”

Rymac is a Marine veteran, having served from 2006 to 2010, which he admits instilled considerable discipline in his life.  He has since built multiple 6-figure businesses, resulting in a 7-figure empire.  His online brand is Daredevil Marketing.

Hangouts are an “insanely effective way to connect with and work with prospects and clients,” according to Ryan.  His company has replaced their previous use of Skype with Hangouts technology.  They recently used a Google Hangout to close a major client deal valued a hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Hangouts are incredibly easy to set up and very flexible, allowing connection with users who may only have a telephone line available for the meeting.  The hangout embed code can be pre-loaded on a website or any other location on the Internet including press release sites, allowing a Hangout to rank prior to the actual session.

Since social signals are now extremely important in ranking content, the fact that Hangouts are integrated with YouTube is an increasingly important feature.  Ryan currently ranks #1 for “Best Marketer in the World” on Google.

Ryan suggests “interviewing” your clients in order to promote their expertise, as well as branding yourself.  After establishing the Hangout “video” on YouTube, using keywords in the name, a short unique introduction is created on Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger, linking to the video.  Then he uses OnlyWire to social bookmark each of the three articles.  All of these steps are done prior to the actual broadcast.  Apartmentconstructionlenders.blogspot.com has examples of embedding Hangouts for the purpose of site rank .

Of course, RyMac has created a system to automate the most tedious part of the process, which is creating the embed posts for the Hangout, using a simple control panel and keyword spun titles.  His product, known as Hangout Daredevil, is offered for lifetime access for a limited time only.

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(3) Comments

    • scott masse 5:45 pm


      Nice synopsis of the daredevil mktg Hangouts ranking process. I am going to be using it to rank videos for my offline local insurance agency.

      It is pretty wild how quickly the videos are indexed and rank.

      I wonder how long it will take before it becomes much more difficult to do this? It almost seems too good to be true…..

    • Jim 5:53 pm

      Yes; it’s very powerful method, especially using all of the YouTube optimization.

      I have to agree that it seems odd that more people haven’t figured it out yet.

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