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A Picture is worth 1000 Words – How to Market on YouTube

Mike Cowles introduced Adam Schneller Nolan and Zane Miller on a recent webinar pertaining to YouTube marketing.  Mike stated that the value contained in the webinar may be higher than any other he’s seen.  This despite the fact that Mike himself has put on some really killer content recently as have some of his JV partners, as well.

YouTube gets currently over 100 million monthly views.  Zane Miller presented the main content including tips on how to make your own videos.  Zane began making videos for a gaming website which

went from 150 to 15,000 unique visitors in less than 4 weeks.  He got laid off, but went on to make his own videos, and now has a marketing list of over 14,000 specifically targeted to Joomla websites.

Google favors video because video is in high demand.  Zane believes that his ideas are somewhat unique in the marketplace, ranking his websites in the top 3 organically on YouTube. It all started with Clark Gable’s naked chest which resulted in a 75% drop in T-Shirt sales.  But times are a changing.  You don’t need to be a professional video guy or Hollywood production expert any longer.

What are the biggest viral videos of all time (compare these with the Super Bowl’s 111 million views)?  Here are few notables, although others, including Lady Gaga now have videos with higher viewed videos than most of these:

Avril Lavigne having a concert in Geneva
Image via Wikipedia
  1. 2007 – The Evolution of Dance  (with over 280 million by 2015)
  2. 2008 – Avril Lavignes “Girlfriend” (with over 250 million views by 2015)
  3. 2010 – “Charlie Bit My Finger Again!” (with over 780 million views by 2015)
  4. 2011 – Justin Bieber (with over 1 billion views by 2015)

Most people are forgetting that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.  In addition it is by its nature a social media website.  In fact, the perfect social media trifecta is now Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  What is Zane’s methodology?

  1. Use a keyword research tool such as Market Samurai, Video Shadow, MicroNiche Finder, or YouTube’s organic tool to determine most popular terms and competition.
  2. Create some content based on other people’s content, using YouTube’s Video Editor, which is simple and very similar to Windows Movie Maker.  Make sure to use the best keywords you found in your research.
  3. Create a playlist, which can have its own URL, title, description and tags.  Add several popular videos as well as your own content created in step 2, taking advantage of YouTube’s “creative commons” content license.
  4. Change your themes and colors.  Zane suggests using Fiverr.com to create a YouTube background for you which can be your background.  Set transparency to 100%.

Now how can you make money?  Zane’s suggestion is to funnel subscribers to a squeeze page on your website, after showing only 1/2 of the video you created.  He also includes a call to action for his viewers to download free content from his webpage.  He also uses social media, SEO and $100 Google credit applied to your video using YouTube Promoted Video.  Zane’s YouTube channel includes only sample training and an invitation to purchase more complete training on working with Joomla via the squeeze page on his website.

Zane and his partner, Adam Nolan, previously offered a 178 page, 35 video/audio course.  Hacking YouTube 2.0 for those who wanted to quit their job in 2011.  Zane’s latest training, Tube Method, published by Rapid Crush offers the latest in YouTube marketing, including Google Hangouts.

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