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Video Marketing Tools and Tips – A Video Marketing ‘Bot’ Extravaganza

Mike Carraway and Bill Cousins put on an interesting training this evening, offering a Video Power Suite which combined several of their products, including the following:

Mike Carraway's Video Traffic Blaster
Video Traffic Blaster
  • Video Traffic Blaster – a WSO by Mike ($17 to $27).
  • Rocket Video Ranker – a WSO by Bill (now $47)
  • Tube Views Secrets – a WSO by Bill (now $37) on his methods for ranking and “sticking.”
  • You Tube Keyword Code – a WSO by bill (now $37) with over 1000 sold.
  • Video Marketing Bot – a third-party WSO; based on extremely fast video creation software.  Bill gave a great demo of what may be easiest video creation systems we’ve seen and seems a bargain at current $27.
  • Video image and audio packs.
  • Free copy of upcoming WSOs by Mike and Bill.

According to Cisco, 2/3 of all viewed online content will be in the form of video by 2015.   Youtube is getting 4 billion views a month.  And according to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used (and they make faster buying decisions).


The components of a video marketing system include

  • Video Creation System – any camera or phone will do.  Free software is readily available for making the movie.
  • Video Management & Publishing – Keepvid.com downloads any video to your computer (check license first).
  • Video Monetization – Launch sniping is the process of creating a review type video and getting ranked with your affiliate link.  For instance, a marketer recently ranked videos for Offline Autopsy, and earned about $600.  A video for PPC Marketing made in 2011 is still on page 1 today.
  • Video Measurement – how effective are your videos/rankings.

Ranking a video in today’s environment is a little more difficult than it used to be.  The following steps can usually get a video ranked on Google page 1:

  1. Use a keyword that’s a buyer keyword
  2. The title has a long keyword included
  3. The description has the keyword twice (essaygenerator.com can be used to generate content automatically)
  4. The link you are promoting is the first part of the description.
  5. Use several slightly altered videos
  6. Ping and social bookmark using pingler.com, massping.com, pingomatic.com

Affiliate links should be shortened, or hidden using a php redirect script.  There are also several WordPress plugins that do redirects (several are free, including PrettyLink).

This VIDEO BOT software takes all of the pain out of producing a clean, vibrant, and thoughtful video. . .and then automagically uploads it to YouTube for you.  Tevis Verrett

Mike Carraway
Mike Carraway

Mike Carraway and Bill Cousins are accomplished Internet marketer specializing in video marketing.  The product suite put together on this evening’s session may be an indication of increasing competition and pressures in the industry.  Great value at rock bottom prices.  If and when a replay is available we highly recommend getting in line.   Availability of excellent software such as the Video Marketing Bot, introduced here is likely to accelerate.

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