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A 2 Step Process to Quickly Making Seed Money For Immediate Needs

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What would you do to quickly raise money for an immediate need, e.g., to fund a new project, test a new idea, start a business, or to invest?  James Jones, a leading Internet marketing expert gave some ideas that have worked well for him and also offered a new step-by-step methodology for selling on Amazon using their FBA program.

When selling on Craig’s List show your prospects all your items when they show up to buy the one item they called about.

Fulfillment by Amazon – Earn Money Selling Stuff

  1. Take Inventory of Your Assets – These are things you have that you could quickly turn into cold hard cash.  Examples include used CD/DVD collections, unused electronic kitchen gadgets, ability to read/write english, have keyword finder software, a large twitter following, ability to build Facebook fanpages, a reseller hosting account with HostGator etc.
  2. Turn These Assets Into Seed Money
    • Go around your house and fill up a basket with items you could sell.  Some items that will sell quickly on Ebay include old rotary dial telephones, 8-track tape players, reel to reel tape players, old stereo equipment, vintage/electric typewriters, Vitamix blenders, metal detectors, vintage lady eyeglasses, old fishing lures, vintage concert t-shirts, mystery box (electronic parts, cables, etc), vintage toys, P90X fitness program, diabetic test strips, Similac baby formula, coupons for $5 off just about anything, etc.
    • Do a Google search for “Used Cds ‘YourCity’.”  Also, www.ipodmeister.com will take CD’s if in original case, regardless (no garage bands) for about $.45.
    • Craig’s List can be used for furniture, appliances, electronics, autos, etc.  On Craig’s List, be sure to include photos (4 are allowed up to unlimited if using HTML), list big items separately starting early am especially on weekends, and mark down significantly.  Get enough people coming to your house and you’ll have a buying frenzy vs. yard sale lookers and lurkers.
    • Advertise your writing skills on www.needanarticle.com (requires a test to be passed) www.iwriter.com or the Warrior Forum.
    • Freelancing is another option, using sites like www.scriptlance.com and www.fiverr.com, which has a lot of non-programming jobs.  You can also check Craig’s List for odd job postings, e.g., pet sitting.
    • Fulfillment by Amazon – You can list your items on Amazon and have Amazon ship the item as well as provide customer service.  Then you can ship your item to an Amazon fulfillment warehouse.  Amazon takes care of all customer service issues, customers get free shipping on orders of over $25, prime members get free 2 day shipping on FBA items and buyers can have their items gift wrapped.  There are several benefits to sellers, including:
        • The FBA logo will attract more buyers
        • Sellers get discounted shipping
        • Several items can be shipped in one box

James Jones now offers a new FBA Profit Equation Course, including step-by-step videos, a walk through of the entire process, ideas where to find inventory to sell on Amazon FBA, and the best items to sell quickly for profit.  The course, with introductory price of $39.99,  includes an automated profit calculator and access to various resources including an FBA forum and useful blogs.  A 60 day money back guarantee is offered.  A similar FBA sales course is also offered by Suzanne Wells, who specializes in selling on Ebay.

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(5) Comments

    • Jim 3:07 pm


      You’re welcome. As usual, you provided some great content on the webinar.


    • Sid 9:41 pm

      Hey Jim – even the video you did made me money. Researched demand for a book I had hanging around and found low supply high demand. 5 mins after your video, I signed up at Amazon. 15 minutes later I sold the book for $68.50! Awesome. Now I am hooked. I owe you one!

    • Jim 8:14 am

      Hi Sid, Thanks for the great feedback. Awesome!

    • Tula Allanson 9:21 pm

      Absolutely written subject material, Really enjoyed looking at.

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