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A 3-Step Blueprint to Using Webinars as a Marketing Tool

Webinars targeting high paying clients is a strategy not used by many marketers or local B2B service businesses.  David Schardt, Internet MarketerDavid Schardt targets high paying clients in order to generate higher profits per transaction from clients who are less demanding, gets better results, and also gets, in return, high paying referrals.  This model allows him to meet his own financial projections with less effort.

This method isn’t an “automatic,” hands-off approach and may require real service after the sale.  His business requires actually talking to people and providing real results.  But it is a real and sustainable business model, allowing you to get paid for what you are actually worth.

David has been in Internet marketing 13 years (full time the last 7 years).  He reached the 6-figure mark and has spent the last 3 years in offline marketing, beginning with a small restaurant in Phoenix.  His first site was built in Dreamweaver, which generated considerable business for the restaurant.  He has developed a system which he calls the High Paying Client Magnet.

How do you prove yourself in your field of expertise?  One idea would be to get on stage, but this would require a lot of time investment, as well as considerable travel.  His High Paying Client Magnet system has three elements:

    1. Become An Authority – A better way to become an authority is to become an author.  This has allowed David to attract more clients as well as charge more.  His book, “How To Market Your Local Business Using The Power of the Internet,” is now well ranked on Amazon.  He suggests doing the same, placing an initial order for 12 books in order to give a signed copy to prospects.
    2. Targeted Webinars – After publishing your book, you will need to get in front of the right owners using highly targeted traffic.  David uses Facebook ads, direct mail postcards and offine ads in magazines, newsletters, etc.  He targets associations in his area, e.g., “Phoenix Dental Associations.”  His webinar “blueprint includes the following:
      • Pros and Cons
      • Introduction – Make sure they know you’re
      • The Problem – Why they need online advertising.
      • Give 3rd Party Proof – X % of Dentists risk losing their practice.
      • Teach Them – How to get “likes” on their Facebook page or whatever service you are offering.
      • Use an Actual Demonstation
      • Use a Soft Sales Pitch
      • Have Them Apply for Consultation – David uses a form on his website with a Buy Now Button and offer to refund if they’re not accepted
    3. Sell Something – Use the free webinar as first part of the sales funnel.  Sell an $1,000 consultation and upsell $15,000 service in order to fulfill on the consultation.

On David’s last webinar, there were 184 registrants, 165 attended and 152 stayed till the end.  15 paid for the initial $1,000 consultation and he sold his complete services to 3 clients for $35,000.  He actually turned down an additional 3 clients who wanted the complete service (due to his own workload limitations and lack of business fit for his services).  David offers an inner circle training for consultants who would like to duplicate his success.

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