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5 Ways to Make Money Sharing Viral Videos – Video Forward Review

Ron Douglas is an Internet marketer, who has been online since 2001.  He is a NY Times best selling author and has bee featured on Fox News, ABC, People Magazine, etc.  He was laid off from the corporate world and became a full-time work at home father.Ron Douglas with Wendy

He got into list building and affiliate marketing, promoting ClickBank products initially.  He had a “homerun” product in 2003, America’s Most Wanted Recipes, selling 60,000 copies.  He got a book deal from Simon & Schuster in 2006 for two books initially.  TrafficSage.com was another success, providing SEO services to many leading marketers, including Daniel Molano (first page listing for “business consulting”), Mike Filsaime, Rick Dearr, Robert Allen, Mike Geary (TruthAboutAbs) and others.  His list on Aweber has almost 280,000 members.

His latest creation, Video Forward, was born from his experience creating a simple webpage with a video and Adsense.  When the video, How to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg, went viral, he earned $9.7K from the Adsense alone.

This video made Ron amost $10K from Adsense
Ron’s $10K Video!

Although Ron doesn’t advise the “average” person to use his membership, for an action taker, what are the possible earnings with Video Forward?   Assuming 3 to 4 post each day (100 per month) with 10 views per day there would be 30,000 views per month of your videos.  If 10% click on an ad at $.50 payout, you’d earn $1500 in addition to affiliate earnings associated with Video Forward

Ron also suggests the following 5 ways to make money with Video Forward (note that none of these require  selling anything, nor does anyone have to buy anything):

  1. Post a video and email, share on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Post hot trends and SEO related videos
  3. Focus on a niche, e.g., fitness
  4. Use viral video traffic for list building (Video Forward allows the use of opt-in boxes, etc.)
  5. Affiliate marketing redirect strategy (replicate the videoforward.com/step1of2 squeeze page on your own website, with redirect to the Video Forward  sales page).

Is Video Forward too good to be true?  It’s possible, but the fact that it’s been put together in a highly reputable way, allowing subscribers to keep all of the AdSense revenue generated mark this system as one that truly wants subscribers to succeed.  Ron Douglas has put together one of the easiest methods to generate revenue online from something that most people are already doing…sharing videos with their circle of friends.  Stack a Facebook community on that and you have the true possibility of viral income streams.

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