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7 Secrets to Success as a ClickBank Vendor or Affiliate

ClickBank is arguably the granddaddy of affiliate systems.  Neil Hartley, Director of Business Development for ClickBank, gave an excellent overall summary on a recent webinar, including tips for success as a vendor or affiliate and some overall statistics.  ClickBank today, processes over 35,000 transactions per day among its 50,000 products in hundreds of niche markets.  Its 100,000+ affiliates are paid up to 75% commissions on sales and Clickbank has paid over $1.9 Billion to date.  On average, 40% of ClickBank sales are international

What does it take to get involved with ClickBank?  As explained on the webinar, it’s not really a “Field of Dreams.”  Many vendors and affiliates, wrongly adopt the philosophy of “Build it and they will come.”  It can be a rude awakening for many that a significant level of effort and passion is really needed to achieve that “promised land” success.  Some tips to those who want to achieve significant success using ClickBank’s system are as follows:

  1. Take Action.  Do not procrastinate.  Many spend too much time over educating and/or preparing vs. doing.  Be prepared to fail fast and often, learning from your mistakes.
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  2. Invest in Your Efforts.  Super affiliates invest in their online businesses for software, marketing and outsourcing.  Learn from experts and don’t be afraid to spend money on marketing tools.
  3. Persevere Through Hardship.  Many of the most successful affiliates have attained success only after disappointing initial results.
  4. Believe in Yourself.  Understand the power of your own mind and abilities.  Do not get derailed by negative thoughts.
  5. List Build Around Your Niche.  Super affiliates build strong mailing lists through email capture and then make repeat sales.
  6. Test, Test, Test.  Test everything regularly.  Simulate a visitor’s travels through your site to the order form and beyond.  Test and tweak the language used in your promotions to be sure it is compelling.
  7. Promote Widely.  Use a variety of methods including email marketing, blogs, review sites, and paid methods.  Notice which promotional methods work best for your demographic.

Although ClickBank and affiliate marketing offer significant financial opportunity, it is similar to any business.  A significant level of effort is needed in order to “break-through.”  But for those with drive, stamina, and determination it offers a path to success, unparalleled in time.  And, in fact, the level of investment can be much less than needed for a more traditional business start-up.

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