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A 9 Step Process to Selling Products on Amazon

Matt Clark, Amazon Marketing ExpertJason Katzenback has been a full-time online marketer since 2005, now earning 7-figures per year.  But he recently encountered, Matt Clark, a 25 year-old, who is already selling six-figures monthly online, leveraging physical products on Amazon.  Jason is changing his own business model as a result, and his wife who started using Matt’s methods several months ago and already has already sold $500 in Kindle books.

Amazon is the Walmart of the Internet

Saying Amazon is just another place to sell stuff online, is like saying Google is just an alternative to list your business.  Here are a few statistics:

  • Amazon has over 200 million credit cards on file.
  • There are 320 million monthly visitors.
  • Amazon owns 1/3 of all ecommerce and owns the ebook market.
  • Kindle now is outselling paperbacks.
  • Every device is now a Kindle reading and buying device.

Amazon now offers its own supply chain and has just about killed the traditional publishing model.  In 2011, Amazon added 17 new fulfillment centers.  Coupled with it’s fulfillment system and the volume of online traffic, it has become impossible to compete with Amazon.  By adding a Kindle book, it is possible to “tap into” the traffic in ways available no other way.

Promotion on Amazon must recognize the factors to ranking products.  These are purchases, reviews, product “likes”, and tags.  These factors must be mastered in order to make sales.

  1. Pick a Product to Promote
  2. Create an Amazon Listing
  3. Keep Price Low Initially – Purchases is the number one factor in higher rankings.
  4. Activate Multiple Accounts – Leverage friends, family, Facebook contacts, your customers, outside traffic, and within Amazon (tags, keywords, Kindle books).
  5. Massive Listing Activity Burst – Have each account make purchases, write review, like and tag your listings.
  6. Review the Top 5 Related Product- Add a link back to your listing on each review.  Make it a good (valuable) review of at least 20 words.
  7. Write a Kindle Book – Add link in Kindle book to your product.  Run KDP for 1 to 2 days, offering free copy.
  8. Promote on Outside Web Properties – Use your blog, website, Facebook Twitter for an extra boost.
  9. SEO Amazon Listings – Create a few links to your Amazon listing page (there is no Google slap for Amazon).

Kindle Fire is the most successful product we’ve ever launched, Dave Limp, VP Amazon Kindle

The Kindle market is currently “on fire” and represents an additional way to leverage Amazon.  Other ways include “private label” products and drop-shipping products.  Matt offers an advanced training course, in which he teaches all of his “secrets” to generating sales by leveraging Amazon.


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