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Avoiding Procrastination – Positive Experiences are the Key

In this article we discuss an important way to overcome procrastination.  Of course procrastination can be the deadliest problem you encounter along life’s journey, keeping you well short of your goals.  Have you ever noticed how a lifetime smoker can suddenly quit the nicotine habit after his or her first heart attack or upon receiving an unwanted medical diagnosis, such as cancer?  What is going on with this sudden ability to break a 40 or 50 year lifetime habit “on a dime?”

Life experiences are the key.  In our case as attraction marketing consultants, we want to be able to break through many such barriers.  Maybe the barriers aren’t as life threatening as a heart attack, though.  What causes procrastination?  At it’s root, the answer is usually fear.  Fear of what?  The stunning answer is often found to be fear of success itself.

Many individuals life in a “comfort zone.”  For many individuals this is no particular problem.  Let’s just kick back on the couch and “veg-out.”  What can be the harm?  The problem is for you this is the line of scrimmage where your battles to achieve your goals are won and lost.  Not that you never have the luxury of being able to relax, but if if becomes a pattern it will not serve you in reaching your goals.

For many individuals this comfort zone can be deadly to success.  And to break through, who wants to experience a heart attack.  Therefore you must build positive experiences into your life which challenge and stretch you.  Volunteer for difficult tasks at work or in charity work you take part in.  For quickest results enroll in leadership training such as Klemmer & Associates’ Advanced Leadership Seminar, mentioned in today’s video.  This certainly can be life changing and a vital if not necessary part of avoiding procrastination.

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