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Millenials on social

Business Trends Due to Millenials’ Expectations

Are millennials entitled? Lazy? The cause of everything wrong with Western society? Millenials on social


Don’t know. What I do care about is that millennials have the largest purchasing power online. Even better, millennials are entering their prime spending years. 


Most millennials have grown up in a world where they expect to have what they want, exactly how they want it… 

…and have it on demand! 

Millennials expect to buy whatever they want from a place they’ve never been to and have it show up in perfect condition on their doorsteps two days later… with free shipping.


Although they aren’t especially trustworthy, in whom do they put their trust? The brand millennials trust more than any other… including Apple… is Amazon. 


Is this why millions of obscure products can do so well on Amazon? How about these for example?

Jeff Bezos is no fool. He saw this coming 25 years ago. He knew where the market was headed and he went to work on building Amazon according to his “vision.” 


If you want it, and you want it in pink with polka dots and exactly 6 inches in diameter, Bezos doesn’t think that is unreasonable at all. He wants you to want the most specific, obscure things, so he can crush traditional retailers and even big cut-throats like Walmart, who can’t affordably stock those things. 


Walmart Clearance SectionAnd even with Walmart’s long headstart on Amazon, in 2019 Amazon passed by Walmart to become the biggest retailer on the planet. 

Not online. In the whole world. 

But how, in a risk-free way, heading into the end of the year still in pandemic, can you tap into the biggest online wealth-shift ever to occur?


This is why USA Today has said that Amazon sellers represent the single largest growth sector of first generation business millionaires.  Although Amazon will take a cut of your profits, there is still a big enough chunk left over for you. 


Selling these products on Amazon won’t seem to make sense. They will be too weird, or too boring, or too obscure, or whatever. Everyone else will step over them, overlook them, or aren’t even aware they exist, including almost all Amazon sellers. 

They missed Bezos’ real plan. 

But not you. You won’t miss it. You’ll eat it up and laugh all the way to the bank, once you do it this way:


And, it’s impossible to saturate this because:


  1. there are millions of these obscure products, and tons of new ones popping up every day that never existed yesterday and 
  2. most people won’t take a deep enough look at this, because it’s not “sexy”, or the latest bright, shiny object.

Their loss. Your gain. And gain you shall by going here right now:




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