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Using Craig’s List to Build a Network Marketing Business

David Sharpe was a construction worker prior to getting involved in network marketing. He “tested the waters” in the MLM world until he proved that an Internet business could be real, although he was actually ready for the transition.  But, since he had little real influence with his friends and family he found limited success at the outset and had no computer skills whatsoever.  In June 2010 he got involved with Online Network Marketing and ever since then, it’s been Internet history.  He was able to very quickly start earning affiliate commissions, and very soon after sponsor over 100 into his primary MLM company.

Since he was familiar with  Craigs List, it was a “natural” for him to start his marketing efforts.  He is a strong believer in tracking his results and split testing, which many experienced marketers are familiar with.   His main tool is Craigslist Ad Tracker.  And, his overall methodology is described on his CraigsListBonus.com website.  Here are his recommended setup steps for integration with a marketing system:

  1. Choose a non-MLM background theme.
  2. Incorporate your primary company video on your branded capture page, or
  3. Have your leads call your sizzle message recorded on services such as K7.net (free when taking on clients) or Connectmevoice.com ($10 per month).
  4. Create an application for your prospect to fill out online at Craigs List Ad Tracker.
  5. David creates his ads using PowerPoint, using images from Google .search, e.g., “Business Woman”
  6. He then uses Jing to capture the image and save for use in his ad.  Other options are listed in this review.
  7. When posting ads, he doesn’t allow them to get “stale,” by posting 4 ads per day.

One of the issues on Craigs List that advertisers sometimes have is getting “ghosted,” e.g., having your images blocked.  Using Craigs List Ad Tracker “link tracking” is a must, according to David, due to the problem in hosting images at other locations, and getting them blocked.  The link tracker is also useful for testing and tracking your ads for effectiveness.  David also uses “tracker groups” to tell him what is working and what isn’t.

A very fundamental consideration in advertising this way is knowing exactly who you’d like to attract to your business.  David admits that he, at first, was over-extending himself to those joining his team vs. looking for leaders.  If you give the prospect the impression that you’ll “hold their hand” and train them,  then that is what you’ll end up attracting to your business.  David’s prescience as an Internet marketer is a testimony to his own drive and initiative as well as continuing proof of concept of using an  online marketing platform.

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