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Internet Success Secrets – Dean Holland’s Blog Profit Accelerator Review

Dean Holland recently shared some of his Internet marketing secrets on an online session.  Dean was mentored by Mike Jeffries, who was taught by Mike Filsaime.    Dean, who was nearly bankrupt two years ago with no blog, email list, or website at the time, began by showing inside his current 6-figure business as proof what can be accomplished online today in a very short time.  What are the core components of his success?

  • Core Component #1 – Mindset is crucial.  What you need to focus on is providing value to your market and not solely on making money.  Once you stop chasing money, money will start chasing you.
  • Core Component #2 – Planning is critical to growing a successful business.  A business plan establishes commitments that we must keep in order to achieve the success that we “say” we want.  Dean suggests writing down all of your daily commitments each day, so that you have a structure of what you’re currently doing and will know exactly what time is available for your Internet business.  Now you have established an action plan of what you’ll be able to accomplish in your business.
  • Core Component #3 – You have to take action.  Once you have a plan of action, you won’t be able to check email, spend social media time, etc. during time allocated to your Internet business.
  • Core Component #4 – List building is next.  Your list is one of your biggest assets, if not THE biggest.  This is where the term “push button money” comes from.  Dean found this slow to begin and took about 1 year to build a list of 3,000.  His list has now grown to 52,167 subscribers (in the last year).  You need a free gift, a squeeze page, a download page, and an autoresponder to get started building your list.
  • Core Component #5 – Blogging is key to gaining rapid online success.  Today, people don’t want to be “sold” to, rather to interact and “follow your story.”  People will follow what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.  Your blog is an online journal that will share your story to success.
  • Core Component #6 – Traffic is absolutely necessary to get blog comments and to build your list.  Where does FREE traffic originate?  Dean’s traffic tips include blog hopping ( regularly adding value to other blogs in your niche; not just spam comments), forum posting (post regularly in popular forums in your niche, e.g., Warrior Forum), and socialising your content (sharing with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  About 14% of the traffic coming to Dean’s blog was from the Warrior Forum, when he was just getting started.

The process, in short, includes list building, regular blogging, driving traffic, and using your blog to build a relationship with your subscribers.  In the last year, the explosion of the social media platforms has forced some adjustments to “standard” Internet marketing methods, although the blog remains at the core of your overall strategy.  Finally, you can promote quality, relevant products to your list, which is also known as monetization.

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