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Main Street Madness – Simple MainStreet Control Product Review

Don Wilson’s new MainStreet WSO product including the upsell is really pretty crazy…good, that is.  In this post, we explain a little more about it and in particular why many are saying this may be the product of the year.  Take a look at this video to get a little idea:

The premise of his problem is solving one of the biggest problems that business owners are facing with the current state of website and the explosion of mobile devices…particularly Apple smartphones and the iPad.  The main issue is that most mobile devices do not and will never support flash, yet by 2013 are expected to result in more search traffic than desktops.

English: Looking south at crowds waiting in ma...
English: Looking south at crowds waiting in maze for iPad 2 launch at 58th Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’s Mainstreet Control products first provides the marketing search script for locating potential customers in your selected area that have this problem, e.g., have significant flash content on their websites.  Then, his product also provides an amazing tool to get business owners to pick up the phone and call you.

Some may ask about saturation in the marketplace if thousands of consultants are suddenly contacting prospects using this tool.  But, generally the fact is that few will actually take action and even if thousands start marketing, there are literally millions of small businesses that will need help.  And few, if any actually realize the issue exists nor understand the magnitude and scope of the issue. 

But just in case a lot of marketers jump on this opportunity, we recommend getting started on this early on in order to get an advantage over any competition that may be in your chosen market.  So, click here to check it out and start helping small business solve this problem.

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