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Three Pillars for A Successful Online Business – Crunching the Numbers to Determine ROI

Brittany Lynch is an accomplished online marketer, who was formerly part of Google’s AdWords team.  She recently shared her unique methodology that has allowed her to make over $40K per month online, as well as some of the reasons she believes others haven’t reached this level of success.  Her three pillars of success are knowing your goals, creating systems, and knowing your numbers.

On her training, she shows the systems and formulas that she personally uses to double, triple, or quadruple the her monthly income.  These strategies will work for business owners, affiliates, and even newcomers to the Internet marketing world in gaining more time and money.  Here are the three pillars in more detail:Brittany Lynch Internet Marketer

  1. Know Your Goals – Increase the number of customers, persuade them to spend more after the initial order, and encourage more frequent buying.
  2. Create Systems – This step, which is the core of Brittany’s process, is described in the following paragraphs, involes choosing a profitable niche, creating a squeeze page that converts visitors into subscribers, having a product to give away, setting a sequence of follow up emails, and having a back-end product to sell.
  3. Know Your Numbers – You may have multiple niche products and services and need to know the cost of customer acquisition, the product price, and profits of each niche.  In addition, knowing the conversion rates for squeeze pages, webinars, sales pages, email opening, email click-through rates will enable you to understand how much can be spent in a given campaign.  Few marketers actually do the analysis needed to determine their return on investment.  Brittany believes a successful business is simply a numbers game of buying low and selling high, which removes the risk in starting your business.

Choosing a profitable niche requires that you find an audience that wants what you offer.  Then you must motivate this target audience to take action.  As an example, one of Brittany’s niche markets is “How to Start a Soap Making Business.”    Selecting a niche involves market research, in order to determine exactly what people are looking for.  Brittany suggests visiting online forums in order to make sure you’ve selecting an appropriate niche.

Creating follow up emails involves a change of thinking in Brittany’s opinion.  Specifically, you need to build trust with your list members by introducing yourself upfront, sharing personal information, sharing stories, providing valuable information and products you’d use yourself, and asking for feedback.  An example squeeze page in the soap making niche.

Examples of products you can create include audio interviews, video training, PDF reports, spreadsheets, and web templates.  Venues include sales pages, webinars, forums, and affiliates (joint ventures).  Brittany, who isn’t technically-oriented, dispells the myth that you need to be a web designer to succeed online.  Determine your strengths, and hire/leverage the specific skills needed for your business.

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