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Internet and Text Marketing Strategies for 2013

At this time in the year, the focus on next year has already started.  Not much will be happening in sales with the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays (except for retailers obviously depending on Black Friday and seasonal sales).  Steve Rosenbaum, who was known as a “rainmaker” in his selling career, recently shared some of his thoughts about preparing for 2013, along with his business partner, Dave Iago.  Their motivation is mentoring marketers to “save the bacon” for small businesses and entrepreneurs using innovative online marketing methods.  After all, many are struggling in the current recession and some even are forced to “close shop.”QR Code for Text Marketing

As an illustration and teaching mechanism, Steve explained his selling technique using the example of selling SMS text marketing to an auto dealer.  Playing the part of the dealer, Dave raised a typical objection that SMS marketing didn’t seem to make sense for his business, although they currently use the Yellow Pages and Craig’s List

Steve’s retort was that what the dealer should actually be interested in was the cost of generating a lead via current advertising and other marketing basics.  Then he interviewed the “dealer” about their current processes, including how they are capturing the information on prospective customers.

The key  to engaging the dealer becomes improving the current process that are in use.  Then, once understood, leveraging the fact that only 3 to 5% are currently ready, willing, and able to buy NOW.  This is the main “issue at hand,” which frames the problem at hand.  And the bottom line is then using “systems” to market this person while continuing to nurture the remaining 95% for the ideal time that they are ready to buy. Only then is it time to explain how SMS text marketing could be used to improve the dealer’s processes.  Most marketers get this “cart” before the horse.

Listening for Problems is the Key to SalesThe sale is made at the point the dealer asks “What would that cost?”  Then the salesperson merely needs to shift gears to find out what the dealer’s advertising budget would be if the right system were available to deliver the willing buyers at the precise moment they are seriously in the market.

In addition to an overall strategy going in, the key is asking the right questions of the prospect and listening.  Most salesmen use the “show up and throw up” method, to their own detriment.  Pre-qualification to get the prospects’ interests is also important to avoid wasting time. 

Steve suggests using a contact-focused marketing system, such as SendPepper, Office Auto Pilot, or InfusionSoft, although the latter two are somewhat expensive.  A squeeze page is essential to capture prospect information (this is where most people are missing the boat).  A well-designed follow-up sequence will identify the hot prospects, and nurture the rest.  Then in 2013, those who help the most businesses succeed will have their own winning results.

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