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Mobile Marketing – Some Trends and Options for 2013

Mobile Internet Growth Projections In a recent survey of 500 small businesses with less than 10 employees, it was found that 60% have a website, 26% have a mobile-friendly website, and only 14% have a mobile website specifically designed for mobile phones.  Brian Anderson and Mario Brown, who performed the survey also provide a white label mobile marketing platform, MobileBizBox, which can be used as a tool by resellers.  Since the growth of mobile Internet is projected by Mashable to outpace desktop usage for the first time, in 2013, this may be an ideal time for resellers to add mobile expertise to their business offerings.

In fact, Mario and Brian believe that the next two years will be a “window of opportunity” for resellers who want to engage clients with mobile services.  Their new service provides a complete set of features tailored to small business entities.  It is the only all-in-one solution in today’s marketplace.  The system which uses short-codes, creates mobile websites, manages text campaigns for specific businesses and individual inventory items (e.g., auto dealers and realtors), manages a business rewards programs, manages QR codes including real-time tracking by location, as well as numerous other features such as marketing materials, a website and lead generation videos (bars &nightclubs, dentists & spas, realestate, hair salons, and restaurants) for resellers.

One of the hottest features, beginning to be adopted by more than just the savviest businesses is mobile apps.  MobileBizBox supports development of viral apps.  One feature available in their app is online ordering for restaurants or other retail businesses.  Another is push notification, which is a way to deliver value to both businesses and consumers. From a customer retention strategy, mobile app push notifications are a high value small business marketing technique.

MobileBizBox subscribers pay $297 per month for access to the platform, which includes 3,000 monthly messages.  For those seeking a simpler approach, we can also recommend WPTextPro by Rapid Crush, which starts at an affordable $97, one time and monthly billing according to usage @$.01 per message and $1 per phone number per month.

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