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Mobile SEO Concepts and Resources

Brian Anderson SEO ExpertBrian Anderson, shared some thoughts on mobile site SEO recently.  He has been working with search engine optimization and ranking sites since 1994.  Today, he finds that a lot of the factors needed to rank mobile sites are the same as they were in SEO in 1994.  In 2012, his focus has been on marketing plans and mobile concepts for car dealerships.

Restaurant Mobile Search DataMobile search has different aspects today.  For one, mobile searchers use “short tail” keywords, vs. the “long tail” terms use on desktops.  Also, restaurant searches dominate mobile search.  He also recommended the following steps in building out a mobile directory:

  • Build out site content with free listings
  • Optimize for the most searched keywords
  • Invest heavily in social links (tweet, share, pin)
  • Build links using press releases, social bookmarking, etc.
  • Using Fiverr.com is highly recommended

The following are some of the SEO-related Fiverr.com gigs that Brian has had good success with:

  • GOV and EDU Wiki Links -http://fiverr.com/seosupremacy/manually-build-100-high-pr-gov-and-edu-wiki-backlinks
  • 110 Google Plus 1s –  http://fiverr.com/frank29/get-you-110-real-human-google-plus-1-votes-to-seo-rocket-up-your-high-rank-on-google-search-engine
  • 300 Unique Pinterest Followers / Repins / Likes –  http://fiverr.com/frank29/deliver-300-unique-pinterest-followers-300-repins-and-300-likes-without-password-to-seo-rocket-up-your-high-rank-on-google-search-engine
  • Stumbleupon Votes -http://fiverr.com/frank29/give-you-100-stumbleupon-votes-to-seo-rocket-up-your-website-high-rank-on-google-search-engine
  • EDU & Wiki Links -http://fiverr.com/wiseman/create-10-edu-backlinks-for-your-site-explanation-and-proof-1st-page-of-google-inside
  • High PR Backlinks  – http://fiverr.com/seosupremacy/manually-build-150-high-pr-backlinks (note – this provider periodically offers upsells of $5-$10 more)  22 PR8 to PR5 Social Bookmarks MANUALLY http://fiverr.com/ecnarret/manually-submit-your-site-or-blog-to-23-best-social-bookmarking-sites-pr5-to-pr8
  • Linkwheel Creation -http://fiverr.com/volarex/build-a-linkwheel-with-6-high-pr-blog-manually-and-then-create-3000-backlinks-on-them-dominate-the-first-page-of-any-search-engine
  • High PR Wiki links  -http://fiverr.com/seosupremacy/build-1000-high-pr-mixed-wiki-backlinks
  • Retweet to 250k Twitter followers, and Add 2500 real followers to your Twitter Account – http://fiverr.com/bestoftwitter/retweet-your-tweet-to-250000-followers-and-add-2500-real-followers-to-your-account
  •  Tweet Message to 1mm followers and Get 2500 real followers to Twitter, and then…Retweet one of our Tweets – http://fiverr.com/bestoftwitter/tweet-your-message-to-1-million-followers-follow-you-and-retweet-one-of-your-tweets
    lasered stone for Fiverr.com
    lasered stone for Fiverr.com (Photo credit: In A Flash Laser)

Brian Anderson is highly recommended as a consultant and speaker and well respected in this niche.  Notably, he also highly praised the Niche Mobi plugin developed by Neil B / Squeeze Mobi.   This plugin was awareded WSO of the day, November 30, 2012 on the Warrior Forum.

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