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Using QR Codes the Right Way – QR Slip Product Review

Jack Mize and Jason Fladlien have recently put their heads together to come up with a solution to a very old business problem.  The problem is akin to businesses flushing money down the toilet (non-recycled advertising).  When presenting the solution to a business, they instantly “get it.”Jack Mize, Internet Marketer  Jack is one of the most successful and innovative small business marketing consults active today, and Jason is founder of the highly successful Rapid Crush software development company, focused on Internet marketing tools.

Their solution is a specific type of strategy for mobile marketing, that has up to now been completely ignored.  And, the best prospects are hiding in plain sight, according to Jack.  The strategy actually starts with a simple QR code, that can be programmed to lead a smart phone user to any page you’d like, on a scheduled basis.

Although many businesses are starting to use QR codes, few are making effective use of all the features and power or this technology.  Local businesses are starting to “get it,” since national businesses have been rolling them out in droves.

Jack’s basic idea is based on coupons (that are everywhere) that expire.  But, there is a problem.  QR codes are unique and static.  Once the data is embedded, it cannot be changed.  But in the marketing world, the message must be continually changed.

Jack’s suggested question to ask a business owner is the following:  “If I could show you how to change the message on your coupons, flyers, mailers, print ads after they are printed and in circulation, would you want to hear more.”  And, what if the offers could be queued up to change automatically?QR Code Examples

Jack and Jason’s QR Control Blueprint offers a turn-key solution for local marketing consultants who want to go either wide or deep working with local businesses.  Going deep, would involve working with multiple, local businesses offering the same or similar products and services, vs. wide working with multiple business types.  Although a small business could implement a QR code solution on their own using this system, most don’t have the time or expertise and are really more focused on their own day to day operations.

According to Jason Fladlien, who developed the WordPress plugin to go with Jack’s training and management system, this product has resulted in more early success stories than any other product they’ve developed before.  Additional related products from Rapid Crush, include their popular WP Mobile Pro and QR Champ, which are a great fit for this new product.  Is it time to use or improve the use of QR codes in your business and/or for your clients?

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