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Tapping Into Mobile Traffic

Although Laura Betterly has focused in the local and mobile marketing niche, her real strength is search engine optimization.  She feels that mobile traffic is one of the most misunderstood topics today.  Today, it is possible to take advantage of mobile traffic going to any site.  Also, the cheapest of traffic sources in the paid realm is mobile and squeeze page construction and operation is much simpler.

Google desktop and mobile search volume
Google desktop and mobile search volume (Photo credit: niallkennedy)

Today, the mobile web is already 3 times larger than the Internet.  Smart phones have changed the way we search and interact with others; text open rates are 95% and people are more likely to take action.  Despite the huge opportunity, few people have actually capitalized on it.

3x more smart phones are being activated every day than babies being born.

One of the keys to mobile phone usage is urgency.  People are using these devices for convenience and in order to get information “on-the-go.”  It was not too long ago that the local library was the major source of information.  9 out of 10 searchers have taken action as a result of a mobile search and 51% of consumers are more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites.

Over 50% of all Social Media Transactions happen via Mobile

A mobile site should have easy navigation (no more than 3 deep), just the facts, and who, what, where  to go.  Video that isn’t optimized and flash should be avoided. 

Mobile websites can be used differently, especially due the inherent functionality of a “click to call” option.  WordPress users have many options including:

  • WP-Touch – free version optimizes post pages.
  • Plugin Buddy Mobile
  • Mobile LPS – Laura Betterly’s WordPress plugin
  • Responsive Themes – ThemeForest and Catalyst Themes are examples.
  • WP Mobile Pro – Rapid Crush is one of the most innovative software developers for WordPress.

Mobile marketing is the future of Internet marketing.  In September, 2010, Wired Magazine declared that “the Web is Dead.”  Those that jump on the bandwagon early will have a huge advantage over their competition.

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