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Why Does a Website Need Responsive Design?

In the following infographic, several stastics and facts surrounding the growth of mobile devices are highlighted.  One of the most important developments is the fact that 2013 market the “crossover point” when more users access online content via a mobile device than those using traditional desktop computers.

Staffanstorp — Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design (Photo credit: axbom)


There are various ways to meet the growing need.  For established web properties that have invested heavily in more traditional technology, development of a completely separate mobile site may be the best option.  But for companies that have the option, a website that automatically detects the browser in use and adjust its presentation is the most effective and efficient approach.

“Clearly, mobile devices are beginning to rule the roost and responsive web design is the ideal way to tap the complete potential of the online marketplace. Responsive web design is indeed a breakthrough in the industry that has essentially redefined trends throughout the global business landscape.” – See more at: http://www.dotcominfoway.com/blog/responsive-web-design-infographic

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