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Motivational Strategies – Connecting to Your Dreams

In this article, we take a look at the importance of dreams.  Another way of describing this is your long term vision statement.  What methods are most effective and how does understanding your company or your own vision support you on a daily basis?

This practice gets back to the idea of programming your subconscious.  As you know the subconscious is “in charge” of running your life.  The reason that vision and connecting dreams is effective is that you’re giving the subconscious something to work with.  It is a target that your subconscious mind will diligently work to attain.

What are some ideas to work with?  One key mechanism is a “dream board.”  On a dream board, you can put together a collage of pictures that symbolize what you’re working for.  Is there a particular place you’d like to live or visit?  What type of car do you want to drive?  Your dream board  should be put somewhere prominently where you can see it every day.  Some very successful people we’ve known devote an entire wall in their house to their dreams and what they want to accomplish.

Dreaming is today a lost art.  At least it seems to be lost past a certain age.  Children know how to dream and can openly express it.  As adults, most people have been conditioned to actually believe that they can’t have what they want.  It is possible for anyone to reach their potential and dreams if they really want it and are prepared to do what it takes to achieve it.

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