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Personal Mastery – Two Methods to Reach Your Highest Potential

In this article we explore the  “re-programming” of your subconscious mind.  Many personal development experts and life coaches are proponents of daily affirmations, but few actually explain why they actually work.  Today we delve two ways to program your subconscious to enable almost automatic achievement of your biggest goals.

Author Brian Klemmer, in his book “If How-To’s Were Enough We Would All Be Skinny, Rich & Happy,” explains the concept of subconscious control of your life through “programs.”  This is actually the secret of the ages.  Another way of describing this is as our paradigms.  How we “see” the world actually is controlling our behavior.

In Klemmer & Associates (K&A) Personal Mastery weekend seminars, an experiential approach is used to enable people to more clearly see the “programs” or paradigms which they operate under.  Then what is most exciting is that these programs once recognized can be changed in an instant.

Your subconscious can also be “re-programmed” through professional development, e.g., repetition.  That is why life coaches stress reading so much.  Through the repetition of reading and educational seminars, a person’s paradigms can be replaced with more advantageous “constructs.”

Most paradigms and programs are installed by age 5, although new ones are introduced through the educational system and even business schools.  This is why advanced degrees and business school don’t necessarily lead to entrepreneurial success.  Witness Bill Gates, who dropped out of Harvard B-School to his parent’s abject horror.  Would he have built Microsoft if he had completed B-School indoctrination?  You decide.

In addition to the K&A Personal Mastery weekend seminar, Advanced Leadership training is offered to quickly “destroy” many unhelpful life “programs,” through experiential learning.  Many entrepreneurs have found these sessions crucial to moving forward quickly in challenging business pursuits.

It is your choice whether you take advantage of training such as offered by K&A, or go-slow with personal development and reading.  We actually suggest that both are necessary, although quickest results are usually obtained through “experience.”

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