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Citation on Trial – InsiderPages

Insider Pages although often viewed as an authoritative source of citations, has become largely irrelevant.  Updates are best accomplished by simply submitting updates to ExpressUpdate.com, which now controls its content.

We don’t recommend falling for the “offer” by Yext to update Insider Pages because their methodology will simply suppress vs. actually correct listings that need to be updated for accuracy or consistency.  Cancelling Yext’s subscription would result in the invalid or inaccurate listings reverting to their previous status.

We continue our evaluation of directory & citation sites with a review of InsiderPages.com. This was an active directory site in 2007-2009 but has gone mostly dormant since then. InsiderPages was acquired by CitySearch in 2007. I’m not entirely sure why they have been maintained as two separate directories since then, but they are.

Since both CitySearch and InsiderPages have directories fed from Infogroup, it’s safe to say that once you’ve added your citation to Infogroup that both of these sites will be updated with that information the next time they upgrade their directory database. So, it’s unlikely you need to deal with InsiderPages directly regardless, even though they are generally listed as a “top” citation source. However, it’s important to point out a recent development that makes it even less important as a directory service.

First, you cannot add a new listing to InsiderPages directly. They encourage you to go to http://www.expressupdate.com/search (Infogroup’s site for adding citations) to add your business, and also explain it will take 1-2 months for your listing to show up in InsiderPages after this process is successfully completed. If you search the InsiderPages directory and do find your business already listed, you can try to claim it by clicking on the “Claim Business” link under the map on the business detail page. Here’s the interesting part – when you click on that link, it takes you to Yext! Yext generates a popup that they’re working with InsiderPages to sync listings online. If you click the large “Claim It” button on the popup, you then get a listing of about 50 directory sites and the status for that business on each site. Here’s what is even more interesting – the InsiderPages listing is not on this list!

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