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Why Are You Stuck? – Noah St John Secret Code of Success Review

On a recent webinar, Noah St John, provided an overview of his book, “The Secret Code of Success.”  His book explains why so many people are continually seeking “how to” information, but even when getting it remain stuck in life.  This is even though they “desperately want to” succeed.

The problem is fundamentally in overcoming subconscious “why not to” factors present in almost everyone’s life.  Bringing these factors into your consciousness and/or reprogramming the mind is the key to understanding what is holding you back.  In personal mastery terms, this is explained as a person’s competing commitments, which are the strongest motivating factors in any person’s life, and explain much of human behavior.

On the flip side, there is a certain small percentage of the population, e.g., 3% who don’t prevent themselves from succeeding.  These are the unconsciously competent among us, who aren’t preventing themselves from success.  This is why the leaders in most ventures who have reached success, often are unable to impart their success to others via simply sharing their “proven” methods.

Noah explained how he developed his theory and why affirmations didn’t work for him by realizing that the process of human thought is in asking and answering questions.  Rather than stating his affirmations, he began asking them in the form of questions, so that his subconscious would engage and begin searching for the answer, e.g., “Why am I so rich?”  This became Step 1 in the Secret Code of Success, coining a new term:  “askformations.”  This also explains why most people are failing:  they are asking questions in the negative, e.g., “Why am I so broke,” and forming negative affirmations in their life.

Noah actually believes that no one on the planet needs more motivation, or by extension to attend every company event.  The “why to” is not the problem.  Nor is the “how to.”  Their foot is already on the gas.  The problem is their other foot is on the brakes.  You don’t need more training, to discover your “why”, or motivation in order to get on the path success.  You just need to take your foot off the brakes.  The four steps in creating “afformations” are as follows:

  1. Ask yourself what you want.
  2. Ask yourself in the form of a question why what you want is already true.
  3. Give yourself to the question through meditation and prayer.  His website at http://iafform.com has recorded 101 recorded audios to change your subconscious.
  4. Take new actions based on your “new” afformations.

Most assume that they “can’t” do it, whereas the already successful assume that they “can” do it.  Using “afformations,” you can move yourself into the latter category, although Noah cautions that it will take some effort.  His main advice is to use these secrets to “give yourself permission to succeed.”

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