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Success Strategies – 10 Ways to Overcome Challenges and Reach Your Goals

Facing life’s challenges and reaching big goals in your life have many things in common.  When difficulties arise or your motivation wanes, what are ways to keep pressing forward?  In this article we suggest 10 ways to overcome life’s challenges and/or reach your stretch goals.

The following are 10 ideas if facing difficulties in a particular life situation or attempting to reach your ultimate stretch goals.  Of course, you should never stop reaching and once you’re on a new level, your goals will change.

1.  Pray and Meditate – If you’re facing an apparently insurmountable challenge, one thing should be clear.  And that is you need a lot of outside help.  Prayer is the ultimate help that everyone needs in even the smallest of tasks.

2.  Keep Your Goals Visible – Many people post their goals and challenges visibly where they are obvious at crucial times of day.  This is particularly true the first thing in the morning and just before bedtime, so the bathroom mirror becomes an obvious location.  Brian Tracy suggests rewriting your top ten goals from “scratch” every morning or evening.

3.  Seek Help – Big tasks and even ones you might think you can handle are actually only possible if you’re willing to ask others’ assistance.  Get over your pride and be willing to admit you need help.  Sources of help include family, friends, and professionals.  Even Tiger Woods seeks professional help!

4.  Positive Thoughts –  The power of thought may seem illusory, but books such as Think and Grow Rich and many others have clearly document it’s effectiveness in achievements of the highest order.

5.  Break Down Tasks – A very big goal or an achievement that stretches you well beyond past accomplishments may need to be attacked in pieces.  Work breakdown structures have been used by managers for years in achievements of the highest order. Rack up small successes along the way to your eventual goals.

6.  Leverage Past Successes – Use the sense of accomplishments from your past achievements to propel you in to uncharted waters.  What achievements gave you the biggest sense of accomplishment.  Derive confidence from these past successes to move you forward.

7.  Start Small – Do the easiest tasks on your list first, as long as they are incremental steps toward your larger goals.  Don’t get sidetracked just to get a sense of completion, but maintain your forward momentum.

8.  Visualize – What will the finish line be like when you’ve reached your goal.  Imagine what it feels like and how your life will be different once you’ve reached your goal.

9.  Manage Your Time – Time is the only resource that you cannot create more of.  You have been given a finite allotment and must manage it carefully. It is easy to “think” you’re on track and outside help may be needed to correctly “steer the course” in managing your time.

10.  Realize This is Temporary – If facing a difficult situation, realize that life has its ups and downs.  You will bounce back and when you do you’ll have the inner strength to meet even bigger challenges and assist others on their journey.

These are some ideas and suggestions in facing big challenges and reaching your goals.  Everyone will face challenges and/or difficulties on their life path.  Although some may perceive that they fall short, no person emerges without being strengthened by the process.

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