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Success Tips – The Importance of Visualization

Did you know that Olympic athletes are trained to visualize their winning performances? Why is this? In fact, much of their rehearsal takes place “in the mind.” This is true in many other sports, notably professional golfers visualize their ideal ball flight, whereas most amateurs “remember” their bad shots on certain holes, which they often repeat day after day.

Napoleon Hill’s classic, “Think and Grow Rich,” teaches that thoughts are things.  What you send out the the universe has tangible, creative effect.  This is the “Secret,” that most every successful person has discovered along the path to their success.

What things do you want most in life?  If you’re like about 75% of the population, you want to lose weight.  How about a new job, or success in your home business venture or attraction marketing campaign?  Whatever it is, when you’ve truly got a burning desire to make it happen in your life, you need to start visualizing your success very early in the process.

A key component is truly getting “in the moment,” and imagining your life the way you want it to be.  By this we mean you must truly experience the result, including the feelings associated with reaching your desired outcome. Visualize yourself reaching that goal as if you were the subject of the latest Hollywood attraction which features your success.  Create all the details in your mind of how this plays out and write your own script, not forgetting to dream big.

Many people have been “beaten down” by well meaning “friends” and relatives who’ve told them they don’t deserve it and can’t possibly reach the outcome they want.  If so, these are not the people to share your goals with and you need to find like-minded individuals with whom you can relate and who will support your goals.  Recognizing those that are holding you back and dealing effectively with this issue can be a make or break element.  Join supportive mastermind groups of like-minded individuals that hold each other accountable as well as help by creating the positive thoughts necessary for reaching the finish line.

Create a dream board (or wall as some have done) and read your goals aloud frequently, taking time to imagine your own positive result.  If you have a burning desire, coupled with belief in yourself and the discipline to visualize the most positive outcomes, you can’t help but reach the goal.  Your subconscious mind, which is always in control will simply act on your “instructions” as you navigate toward the goal and find the best way to get there.  Then just get out of your own way and enjoy the ride.

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