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Time Management System for Attraction Marketing

Everyone has the same amount of allocated time each day. This is a limited resource that requires diligent management.   Since so many diversions and interesting things exist online, a higher focus and attention to detail may be needed when involved with online attraction marketing systems and processes.  Here are some specific suggestions for getting a handle on this critical resource wisely.

It isn’t about all work and no play; however one key to success is separating the two clearly.  If you’re an entrepreneur and working from home, you must have a private space that is off-limits during your business workday.  This is a critical consideration for those who want to work from home effectively.

What are the basics that you must master in order to have the best utilization of your limited time resources?  We offer the following six concepts as a starting point:

  • Focus – A focus on one task at a time is crucial.  This one task should, of course, be the highest priority at the current time.  Multi-tasking is not an option and will cause you to spiral into disorganization.
  • Clear Goals – You should always have the big picture in front of you as well as a daily to do list.  Author Brian Tracy suggests spending some time each evening or morning creating your top 10 goals from scratch as well as a list of 20 things that need to be accomplished to move you toward the most important of your 10 goals.
  • Daily Planner – Use a daily planner or electronic calendar.  This may work best in conjunction with an electronic personal digital assistant (PDA).  Schedule time blocks including personal development, spiritual development, and exercise.  We find Google Calendar to be an excellent tool, which integrates with many smart phones.
  • Minimize Procrastination – Use whatever psychological tricks and/or rewards you need in order to tackle the hard jobs.  Don’t use the  excuse that you must first  clean the basement or garage before starting the really big projects.  Get started even if you don’t think you’re organized enough or lacking in some way.
  • Minimize Paperwork and Interruptions – Don’t check email every 5 minutes and if you must answer email, keep it short and to the point.  Keep your office and paperwork well organized and use the one touch rule with all paperwork (file immediately, discard, or respond if absolutely critical).

Time is your most precious resource, but can be the biggest challenge for the entrepreneur who wants to work from home.  Don’t join the largest nation on earth, procrastination.  An organized office also contributes to your overall time management strategy.

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