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Top Ten Traits of a Successful Networker

In a recent survey conducted by Business Networks International, a worldwide survey was conducted of the top traits of an effective networker.  The results are given in reverse order with the most popular listed last.  We have added some editorial comment as appropriate.

10.  They work their network – They are constantly on the lookout for ways to refer business to their partners and always thinking of ways to benefit others in their close networking group.

9.  Sincerity – Give your relationship partner your undivided attention.  Sincerely interested in the other person.

8.  Enjoy helping others – Can be done in a variety of ways.  Keep your ears open for ways to help others.

7.  Grattitude – People like to refer people with a healthy outlook on life.

6.  Always be networking – It is so natural to them that they are “on duty” at all times

5.  Good listening skills – Communicate well and listen

4.  Be trustworthy – No one will

3.  Enthusiasm – People who show the best motivation get the most referrals.

2. Having a positive attitude – A consistently negative attitude drives others away vs. attracting business.

1.  Following up on referrals – An effective networker does excellent follow-up on his referrals.

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