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Your Ultimate Career – Follow Your Passion

In life, many people choose a career based on aptitude.  At the same time, most people have at one time or another had a dream about pursuing their hobby, usually what they are most passionate about, full time.  For some people this becomes a reality through traditional employment, but for most their dreams can be found in an enterprise that they personally start.

But what is the likelihood that the average person can be successful in starting a business.  It is obviously much different than simply being an employee, or is it?  Some tout the advantage of  “job security” in a job, but what is job security, really.  No rationale employer will keep a person on long that isn’t directly adding to the business bottom line.

A home business start-up is challenging, but chances of success are greatly improved if choosing something that you really “love” doing.  Passion is important.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing what you love doing, or turning your “hobby” into your work?


  • Higher motivation
  • Existing knowledge base
  • Existing contacts
  • Choice of work environment


  • Lost source of relaxation
  • Unproven business concept
  • Insufficient skills for a profession

What are the best times in life to follow your passion?  Early in life when there are fewer responsibilities, it may be easier to do what you like.  You will have time to adjust later on if it doesn’t exactly work out.  Not everyone can go fishing every day of their life, unless they are a charter boat owner.  But some will.

Likewise, later in life when children are out of the nest and responsibilities are less, it may be feasible to pursue a hobby, turning it into full time work.  Moving into a second career can be feasible, since other sources of income have already been developed through investments and/or retirement.

Most people have a desire to follow their passion.  A successful home business venture can springboard many people to their dreams.  For this reason, many people engage in network marketing companies and opportunities that complement their own life goals.

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