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Success Secrets – Persistent Actions Win the Race

Have you ever noticed people who achieve “overnight” success in their business or personal life?  If you have, have you seen anything common in their circumstances?  One thing we’ve noticed almost universally, is that upon learning the “rest of the story,” we consistently find a background of diligent, persistent, “nose to the grindstone” hard work.  In many cases, we also see repeated failures leading to eventual, seemingly sudden success.

So is it possible that there are no coincidences in life?  Legendary sales trainer Zig Zigler believes and teaches that there is no such thing as a “natural born salesman,” despite what most people believe.  When studying the careers of top salespeople, we have found  this to be universally true.

As also seen in nature, in particular with the bamboo tree, years can go by with no perceptible growth from a seedling.  Then after about 5 years of development of its root system, the bamboo tree suddenly grows to over 90 feet in height in under a year.  This is only possible since it has developed a deep root system in the first 4 years of it’s existence.  The bamboo tree provides a vivid picture of what only seems to be quick achievement in many success stories in business, i.e., there is always a “story behind the story.”

Are you discouraged with your progress in business or personal growth?  Our question to consider is whether you have fully paid your apprenticeship dues yet?  In our society of microwave dinners and fast food, we expect to get results quickly, and often do.  But there is no immediate path to success in business or personal affairs.  Patience and persistence are the two “lost” virtues that when rediscovered will carry you to success.  Remember that the turtle always wins in the long run.  Are you giving up too early in your attempts to achieve your goals?  Press on and be ready for a sprint to the finish line as an inevitable winner.

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