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Reputation Marketing – Local Reputation Superhero Review

Image representing Yelp as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

In 2011, Costas Peppas stumbled onto one of the hottest topics today in local Internet marketing.  At the time, he was focused o  Search Engine Optimization, but when he noticed a new client’s bad reviews online it changed his focus.  A hotel owner’s review was as follows:  “Don’t stay here ever!!!  This place is a rat’s nest!!!”  The owner, who was trying to keep his family business alive, paid an extra $30 to overnight payment in order to get his problem solved as quickly as possible.

Today, it is a fact that a high majority of consumers check online reviews prior to making any purchases. Yelp has  become a major factor in selecting not only restaurants, but many other consumer-based businesses in time of immediate need.  But the internet marketing community has been slow to provide solutions, that have the potential to make a huge difference for local businesses.  Many remain focused on provide SEO services.  But, a first page Google listing won’t be much good for a business plagued by bad reviews on Yelp, Google Plus, and a plethora of other increasingly important review sites.

Yellow Book is selling SEO Today, Reach Local (a Fortune 1000 Company) is establishing offices in every city, nation and world-wide, focusing primarily on pay-per-click and SEO.  Even the Yellow Book is selling SEO today.  With this in mind, it is getting increasingly difficult to operate as an independent SEO consultant.  According to Costas, there are 57 Reach Local telemarketers in an office in his home town.  This is why Costas suggests that local consultants not initially focus on SEO services; but rather seek to meet the most pressing needs, e.g., reputation marketing.

Costas has developed a set of tools, training and techniques that enable him to meet the reputation marketing needs of consumer-based businesses.  One tool he has had developed is used to “discover” all the reviews about a business across the various review sites.  He then is able to send prospects and current clients a complete report via email, which shows complete information about their reviews and their competition.  He also offers “fake” template review sites and templates for collecting and posting a client’s reviews online.

Costas’ Local Reputation Superhero training is currently closed.

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