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Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

 Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...The Internet has fast become an efficient and trusted way for companies to market and sell their product. One of the reasons for this has been the popularity of Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing either pays the affiliate through a pay-per-click program (the affiliate receives money every time an ad is clicked) or a pay-per-sale program (the affiliate receives commission every time a posted ad on their site generates an actual sale, inbound call or subscription.) Generally, the pay-per-sale program (also called cost-per-sale, or CPS) is the tried and trusted form of affiliate marketing used.

 Affiliate marketing began just four years after the world wide web was launched, originally popularized by well known companies such as CDNOW and Amazon.com. Google’s Adsense is not really considered as affiliate marketing since the ads usually center around the theme of the website on which they are displayed (which makes it more contextual advertising). Google does not also directly sell a specific product, but generates money in the process of delivering traffic.

 Affiliate marketing is very cost-effective, and in effect costs both the advertiser and the affiliate nothing, while having the potential of bringing in a very large form of income for both parties. While pay per click (or cost-per-click) mentioned above can present a risk to the advertiser, the cost-per-sale (CPS) system has very little or no risk, and may, therefore, be preferred.  It is also a relatively easy process for the affiliate to “get in the marketing game,”  since there is no product development, storage, fulfillment or support needed.  Literally all that is needed to start earning is a computer, an internet connection and a system of marketing.  The best affiliate programs offer in-depth training and support to their affiliates.


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