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Amazon Money Machine Review

Matt Clark started his Amazon business with just $100 per month (a product store).  He has now made over $3,000,000 in the past two years online and has sold over $1 million on Amazon.  Online advertising costs have sky-rocketed lately, making PPC marketing extremely difficult.  And, Amazon currently dominates Google’s organic rankings.Matt Clark, Amazon Consultant

Amazon added 17 new fulfillment centers in 2011, bringing its global network to 69 centers.  Amazon’s supply chain now obviates the need for a warehouse.  Additionally, Amazon has killed the traditional publishing market. There are 320 million visitors daily on Amazon.

After starting out with his own ecommerce business in 2009, Matt is now selling over $100,000 per month on Amazon via it’s fulfillment network.  Why is this business model so successful?  Successful sales on Amazon rely on the following factors:

  • Purchases
  • Reviews
  • Likes
  • Tags

Matt’s 9 step process is found in our earlier overview of his Amazon Money Machines methodology.  This method can be used to have the #1 product on Amazon in your niche in a couple weeks.  In addition, you could be the expert person, brand, or business in your marketplace.

This isn’t like Google SEO or Adwords, because it’s relatively new, still.  Also, as a distributor, the Amazon FBA program can be used in lieue of traditional warehousing.  Small quantities can be shipped to Amazon for fulfillment and to take advantage of inherent organic traffic.

Matt also has a strategy for Kindle publishing, including the following steps:

Amazon Kindle – Black Leather Cover and Book Titles (Photo credit: DanieVDM)
  1. Pick a hot market (diet, fitness, fiction, romance, weight loss, cookbooks, etc.)
  2. Write (or outsource 3 short books (15-20 pages)
  3. Publish on Kindle (1st launch)
  4. Link each together
  5. Re-publish on Kindle with link pages (2nd launch)
  6. Run KDP Select for 1 day (giving the book way free for 24 hours)
  7. Collect a check

Initally getting paid takes 60 days, but once the process is “rolling,”  you will be paid every 30 days.  Amazon can be the ultimate online cash machine, and isn’t dependent on anything Google is doin (to or for you).  Matt provides detailed, step-by-step methods, training, and support in his Amazon Money Machine product, which includes a special software search tool that identifies hidden opportunities.

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