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Azon Authority Review

I must have been living under a rock, since I’d never heard of Sean Donahoe before his release of Azon Authority, a point and click Amazon affiliate store builder.  I’ve been valiantly trying to stay focused on some current projects, but for some unknown reason, I clicked on a marketing message from Jeremy Gislason and for additional unknown reasons, read the sales page, listened to the videos, and found myself purchasing the Professional License for Azon Authority.

I really especially liked Sean’s style on the product demo video.

I’ve gotta say, that Sean’s product impresses me (especially on the inside) more than just about any product I’ve ever purchased online.  So, now I’m well into the selection process of deciding on which niche Amazon store I want to start with.  Phew!

Of course, I know there is no “easy” button, and Sean makes this patently clear, but this new, unplanned project has entirely captivated me.  One of things I especially like about this is the concept of bridging the gap between “cheap” store builders that use affiliate links and a full blown FBA model, which comes with a much higher level of risk.  And building a store that automatically includes Amazon free retargeting via the API interface, when someone adds one of your products to their cart, is very impressive capability.

One of my frustrations with a lot of products is that the sales videos and copy usually have a much higher level of production than the actual product.  But that isn’t the case here.  On the inside, the same presentation and high energy level continues, which, for me, makes it much easier to digest.  In fact, I’ve been especially mesmerized by the content within the product itself.  And Sean is delivering 3 or 4 in-detail webinars to buyers following purchase, giving away all his best secrets.

Sure, I like Amazon a lot as one of the best resources to try to focus efforts on and leverage, and I’m a software geek.  But, the quality of this product has me really blown away.  In my humble opinion, he has given away extreme value here, making it a no brainer for anyone who has previously dreamed on jumping on the Amazon bandwagon.Azon250x250

Although the price will will be higher for most people reading this, it will be worth the price at many times the value offered.  Although I don’t have an incredible bonus package to offer, there may be someone who would need some help getting going.  If you get it through my link, let me know and I promise to lend a helping hand, or if there is enough interest set up a webinar or small group hangout so you don’t have to blaze the trail all alone.

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