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Establishing a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program

Mike Geary's The Truth About AbsA successful affiliate marketing program may take time to establish, but over time can result in a substantial source of residual income.  One of the most successful affiliate programs of all time, Mike Geary’s  The Truth About Abs was not especially successful in the first couple of years.  But today, Mike operates his multi-million dollar enterprise with only a single assistant.

Since there are many affiliate programs available online today, it is very important to make one’s affiliate program stand out and catch the attention of professional affiliate marketers interested in your niche.  The following are some tips on making an affiliate program stand out from the competition:

  • Provide joint venture partners with complete promotional materials.  Make their job of marketing the products or services as easy as possible. The less work they have to do and the more conversions they see, the more likely they are to spend limited time promoting the products or services.
  • Communicate with new partners by welcoming them to the program and send out updates on product additions or changes.  Give them tips and advise on how to be successful in marketing products. Always pay them on time and take care of them
  •  Find web sites that have viewers interested in the niche market. Finds partners that already have traffic that would benefit from your affiliate offer. The partnership should be a win-win situation.
  • Don’t rest on your laurels just because there are a few good partners. They may decide to jump ship. Always be actively recruiting new partners. Try finding new partners by advertising the affiliate program on the web site, listing or advertising in affiliate directories and by contacting potential affiliates directly.

Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) Workshop 3Affiliate programs work best when affiliates choose products, services and companies that match the content of their web site and would be of value to their readers. If a content-oriented site chooses affiliate programs well, everybody involved in the process wins.

The affiliate wins because he is able to sell products to visitors without having to run an e- commerce business. The merchant site wins because he sells more product, and the customer wins because the affiliate web site directs him/her to products that solve an important issue or provide an enhanced service.

An affiliate program can be successful if it effectively links commerce and content and takes advantage of the respective strengths of site and its affiliates. All kinds of people might buy different things from information products to physical products to consumer services.

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