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How to Easily Make $70,000 Per Year on Amazon

Jason and MattJason Katzenback (on the right) and Matt Clark (left) have developed a system for 7 figure profit per year based on selling on Amazon.  In fact, Jason is expecting a $10 million year in 2013.  We reported last year on a method this team was using at the time.

Matt shut down his online store 4 years ago, even though he was making $2 million in sales.  His method allows for profits from $100 to $1000 daily, which is unachievable via typical ecommerce.  Matt’s methodology involves finding opportunities that already exist vs. inventing new products and opportunities.  His method is as follows

  1. Find best-selling products selling from $7 to $40.
  2. Evaluate a product’s private label potential, e.g., can a similar product easily be labeled and/or packaged to make it your own?
  3. Find suppliers using Google search for “[product name] white label.”
  4. Use Fulfillment by Amazon to handle all product shipping and customer support.
  5. Leverage Amazon’s “traffic loophole,” by category to get direct customer sales.  A product’s ranking can easily be ranked above others using good marketing principles, e.g., use well named images, a sales letter, benefits, and call to action.
  6. Get reviews every day (three initially), including social proof in order to increase traffic and affiliates promoting your product.  Systematically follow-up with customers.
  7. Get sales through the keyword, by offering a coupon that encourages finding your product through keyword search.
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos starts his High Orde...
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos starts his High Order Bit presentation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In order to make $70,000 per year, it is only necessary to find a product in the top 3,000 popularity.  On an average $25 product, this would be achievable averaging 6 product sales per day.  Matt and Jason offer a complete training system beginning later this month, the Amazing Selling Machine (now closed).  Although the training isn’t inexpensive, especially by Internet marketing standards, it would still be much less than a typical franchise fee (stay tuned, since we’ll be reporting more on progress using Matt and Jason’s tools and methods).  

But as is usually the case, a competitive offering is also available for Amazon ecommerce enthusiasts, the Proven Amazon Course.  See below for some details about this alternative (especially since ASM is now closed to new members):

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