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7 Steps to Overcoming Barriers to Success in MLM

Why do some people not make it in network marketing?  First of all, some people never get to work.  Others quit.  Some pick the wrong company, e.g., money games, which are destined to go out of business, etc.  Some are distracted by other things or paralyzed by fear.  Some lack self-confidence (this is the biggest problem of all).  Finally, some lack motivation and drive.

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What are the most basic steps of action that the average person can take in order to overcome these hindrances in reaching their goals?

It starts by choosing success.

  1. Make success as easy as a decision.  Failure isn’t an option.  Most people, unfortunately don’t make it this clear-cut.  But by making network marketing your only option would have a different end result.  If you were to choose a franchise instead, which had a $100,000 investment up-front, would you take different actions?  Or, if you needed to “invest” enough to have a $50,000 or $100,000 residual income for retirement, how long would it take?
  2. Focus on the activities that make you the most money.  Obviously, in network marketing, prospecting and finding new customers are all that matter.  For example, prospecting time should be when people are available.  Marketing, researching, and non-revenue activities should ONLY be done after hours or before hours.  You must keep tabs on your time.
  3. Build your self confidence.  Many will avoid the activities that matter most, because they lack self confidence.  Self confidence is built one step at a time.  Lack of self confidence is a temporary state.  In spite of how you feel about it, you MUST start taking action.  One call at a time.  One presentation at a time.  You’re successful if and only if you take action.  If you want success and freedom in your life, you’ll eventually face your fears and start taking action.
  4. Get emotional.  What is the real reason you’re in business for yourself?  Of course most are looking for time freedom and/or financial freedom.  But what is the real core reason you are in network marketing?  Consider a situation where someone is attempting to harm one of your children.  What actions would you take in order to prevent it?  That is the level of passion and engagement needed to overcome the most powerful hindrances to your success!
  5. Get good because you can.  Network marketing is learnable because you’ve chosen it as the only possibility for you.  Any one who sets their mind to it and engages in the process of learning the skill can do it.  Todd Falcone, a leading industry trainer suggests recording your own prospecting calls and then listening to them at the end of the week in order to self-critique and make changes.  Have time-saving, canned responses to commonly asked questions, e.g., “Is this a pyramid?…No, because I don’t do pyramids; any other questions?”  Excellent marketing training and books are available to anyone wanting to improve their skills.  At least 30 minutes should be spent on marketing and personal development training or reading each day.
  6. Take responsibility for yourself.  Stop talking about and start doing it.  It’s not your sponsor’s fault, the company’s fault, or because someone quits.  Even if you despise your boss and hate your job, you go every day.  Why?  Is it because of a false perceived sense of security?   Nothing is going to happen in your business unless you make it happen.  Get in with a group of people who are making it happen and NEVER make excuses why they’re not succeeding.  Keep tabs on yourself, be honest about your own failings, and make the necessary adjustments without complaint.

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  7. Enlist a mentor.  A mentor will direct you in the correct direction and hold you accountable for the changes you need to make in your own business for success.  Even Tiger Woods, when he was the best in the world, needed coaches in order to keep on top of his game.

Could you be doing more than you are now doing?  Do you want more and can’t seem to get yourself to do more?  Do you ever feel you need help?  Do you find yourself avoiding the things that need to be done the most?  A systems approach is paramount in seeking to be successful in network marketing and/or internet marketing.  The Accountability for Entrepreneurs Academy, A-Team, offered by Todd Falcone, is an excellent 12-week immersion experience that provides accountability, detailed training, coaching, and feedback for the more serious network marketer.  Todd, who has years of experience, also offers specific training in recruiting in the cold market (outside of family and friends), which is something most marketers have a great fear of.  Be fearless!

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