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Advanced Leadership Strategies from the World’s Greatest Network Marketers

Leadership is the ability to cause people to otherwise do what they wouldn’t have done.  Real leadership is only something that can be cultivated through a lifetime of growth, discipline, and being around the right people.  This willing to do whatever it takes and who are willing to lead by example will be able to change the world.

One important element of leadership is having a dream; especially for what you can leave behind in your legacy.  Leadership also involves “thinking big.”  Whatever you’re doing now successfully, you need to think about how to do it on a bigger level as well as more quickly and efficiently.  Here are 5 ideas suggested by networking and attraction marketing guru David wood to scale up your activities.

  • 50 way calls instead of 3 way calls
  • Create an audio CD that your team can hand out to prospects
  • Create a training system that can be sold to your entire team
  • Have mass group home meetings through technology
  • Be selective on who you spend time with

Duplicating leadership is different than duplicating the skill of getting new people started.  It isn’t necessarily something that everyone will attain.  One way to nurture leaders on your team is using “exclusive” leadership retreats and/or coaching programs.  You can also give up and coming leaders opportunities for doing some of your training in your system.  A personal development system should be in place (or outsourced) for team development.  The following are 5 tips to becoming a top leader in MLM:

  1. Have a vision that is large enough to motivate others.
  2. Stay committed to your team.
  3. Protect your team like a member of the “pride.”
  4. Create a leadership mastermind.
  5. Appreciate, edify, mentor, and lift up your leaders

You have a natural ability to communicate with others that can be leveraged into leadership of a big team.  You must have the desire and a big vision, but with these elements in place the only missing element is your willingness to make it happen.  Just decide to do what it takes and you’ll be on the road to the success you deserve and need.  But more than that, you will begin to influence others in positive ways that no one else would be able to do as effectively as you.  The network marketing industry has everything in place for you to leverage your innate abilities to bring others to success, as well as yourself in the process.

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