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Using Attraction Marketing to Generate the Best MLM Leads

In this article, we discuss the advantages of prospecting using attraction marketing techniques and systems.  In particular, the quality of leads is much higher.  Why is this the case?  What makes attraction marketing so superior to traditional marketing techniques and those taught by network marketing leaders for the last 70 years?

Commonly, when making a first personal contact to a prospect that was identified through attraction marketing, he or she will often express amazement that you have actually taken the time to reach out to them.  Why does this happen?  There are several reasons for this including the following:

  • You have branded yourself as a leader.  The fact that videos of you are all over the Internet is very powerful.  Also, if you’ve created a blog, this is a very impressive accomplishment.  If using article marketing, perhaps the first encounter that your prospect had was one of your articles that is now published online.  So, basically, you’ve branded yourself not only as a leader, but as the expert in your field and even have some measure of celebrity status in their mind.
  • Your prospect has found your content and/or offer and requested more information about it.  You put the fishing pole in the water and baited the hook and they liked what they saw and have now taken the hook.  They want what you’re offering.  Ask yourself if this is true when using the “popular” 3 foot rule, or booking a center seat on an airline so you can talk to two “prospects.”  And what are the actual odds that a random contact by you in a shopping mall, restaurant, or gas station will actually be interested?
  • There will be less objections to overcome.  This is especially true since you can select the pool of prospects that will more attuned to your offering.  If marketing for the best mlm leads, realize that there is a huge difference between opportunity seekers and opportunity buyers.  Those seeking an opportunity such as a home business often have significant objections, including the “pyramid objection.”  This is why industry trainers have had to develop extensive objection handling techniques centered around this one main issue.
  • Fantastic possibilities now exist when using the power of social media sites in conjunction with attraction marketing.  You basically know more about a person from their online profile than if they live next door to you and can target those that would be best candidates for your business or products.

Attraction marketing methods are nothing new, but now becoming the most popular way in generating the best possible multi level marketing (MLM)  leads.  An attraction marketing system can provide the automation and/or procedures to produce better results in prospecting than have ever been available previously.

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