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Attraction Marketing in MLM – 5 Steps to Success in Team Building

What are the basics of network marketing that have worked successfully for over 70 years?  In this article we cover the exact steps “guaranteed” to make you successful in this business if you are willing to do the work.  Although we believe in and promote attraction marketing solutions, even these more advanced approaches must follow the same steps in order to produce the kind of success you are looking for.  Here are the steps and process you need to follow:

1.  Stay focused on small, consistent, daily numbers.  The magic number in online network marketing is helping a lot of people get 3-6 leads per day.  Many today are teaching that 40 leads daily are needed, but follow-up is unworkable at this level, especially working part-time.  Failure to follow-up never creates a relationship, except with very advanced methods.

2.  Work leads through phone, email, direct mail, and social media.  First call your leads, just to welcome them and find out about them.  Don’t try to sell them anything at this point.  If using an autoresponder, you will also follow-up with a training series of emails offering additional value, and occasional updates.  Many people forget to use regular mail, but your prospects will think quite differently of you if you take time to send them a note or postcard.

3.  Stay focused on a simple recruiting process.  Begin with relationships, followed by exposure to your business (usually a third-party presentation), 3-way calls, and live events.

4.  Have a fast start system in place that requires no knowledge of marketing.  99% of people have NO knowledge in marketing when starting out and therefore have no clue what to do with new distributors just getting started.  Leave the attraction marketing system setup for later on with most new people.

5.  If you’re using attraction marketing and still not getting leads daily, stay focused on prospecting 3 people every day.  David Wood, the top recruiter in the largest attraction marketing system in the world, when he had a chance to meet many attraction marketing “experts,” found that virtually none of them were doing any MLM prospecting and therefore had very small income from their primary network marketing business.  Even “leaders” in attraction marketing forget this step!

Have you ever been around someone who has that “mystical”  or magical air?  Just be aware, that many of the gurus in attraction marketing, although they have incredible magnetic personalities, may have never built a team.  If you want to build a network marketing organization vs. be a seller of “tools” to those that are doing it, then follow the steps laid out here.

Why did you get involved in network marketing in the first place?  Was it to sell tools to those in the industry or build an organization yourself.  If it’s not the latter, then why are you here, really?  Why not just adopt the basics that work now so that you can really be part of the best business model today vs. just a bystander?

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