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Attraction Marketing Systems – Can My Lead System Pro Solve My Dilemma

My Lead System Pro, formerly MLM Lead System Pro,  is an attraction marketing system designed initially for the network marketing community.  As an upfront disclaimer, we’ve been involved with the system just over a year and might earn a commission if you click on links within this article.  That being said, we have found the system to be of very high caliber and the management and leadership to operate ethically and in the interest of every subscriber to the system.

MLSP was created based on the premise that a large percentage of network marketers are not “happy” with their situation and above all short on cash.  They have been unable to create, in most cases, an adequate income above the poverty level.  Maybe this is ok for the part timer, but those that aspire to “fire your boss” are in most cases not making any real progress.  Many, in fact are spending too much in training, attending conventions, marketing materials and advertising, etc. with not enough return from their efforts.  Many who have turned to leads companies, including MLSP founders Brian Fanale and Norbert Orlewicz, report dismal results with this approach.

And many network marketers have tried multiple companies and by the third or fourth time are not too inclined to go back to their friends and family again with this latest “deal.”  So, they must make new contacts and find prospects some other way, often being trained to wander around shopping malls and prospect waitresses at the restaurants they frequent.  So the second big problem is most are in lead poverty and don’t have enough people to talk to.

MLSP, based on Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring ebook, is an attempt to solve these two main problems that most network marketers are experiencing.  Enter the funded proposal.  What this means is that in the course of your marketing efforts, MLSP introduces multiple additional revenue streams to help with the first problem of being short on cash.  In addition, as internet and other innovative marketing techniques begin to be mastered, the shortage of leads issue is taken care of as well.  In addition, it provides a systematic approach to training those that come behind you in the process.

Many are finding success in the MLM industry for the first time using MLSP’s training systems and methodology.  Is it the only approach that works for the industry?  Industry veteran and well-known social media trainer Max Steingart teaches his students that the attraction marketing concepts are too expensive and work too slowly, but has recently introduced his training methods to MLSP founders and may soon be  an integral part within MLSP, which already includes training on Facebook marketing.

Although MLSP may not be the right fit for every network marketer, we think it has to be at or near the top of its class and would recommend it for those inclined toward its approach.  We invite the visitor to visit our main MLSP landing page to see how it operates

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