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Burke Hedges’ Network Marketing Story – Why MLM is the Answer

David Wood recently interviewed Burke Hedges, author of Who Stole the American Dream.  Burke  began his entrepreneurial career in 1986 selling cellular phones, but was  out of business by 1988.  By age 25 had made $1 million, although it had cost him $1.2 million.  He decided he wasn’t a business person, but a mentor coached him in network marketing.  Since he was teachable and coachable, he became extremely successful in the industry, over the last 23 years.

Burke became an ambassador for the truth of the opportunity available through network marketing, and a best selling author.  He has sold 4 million books in 20 languages.  Now he endorses Numis Network, as the only company that the average person has a chance to make an income today, thereby being able to cure the prevalent malady of “brokeness,” now rampant in the USA.

Today, Burke wants to help as many people as possible become millionaires.  He believes that with the type of technology that is now available, via the Internet, especially that the opportunities are greater than any time in history.  Although he didn’t initially understand the Numis Network opportunity,he now believes that he is alleviating financial sickness in the country.

If you want to make God laugh, just go ahead and tell him your plans.

Burke Hedges is well connected with the top leaders and earners in the network marketing industry today.  Although the particular product is always important, a unified vision and purpose is usually part of the core of big success stories in network marketing.  It is consistently true that when you help other people to achieve their goals, a huge organization results.  Every company in the industry has come out with a product that dominates as a result, based on community and a “big cause.”  People want to be part of a winning team.

People want to be part of a winning team.

Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe both died early without helping many people.  Burke believes that the network marketing industry is worlds apart from what many consider “worldly success.”  “Cause marketing” is what builds community, big teams in the network marketing industry, and a true sense of accomplishment not available any other way.  Those that get on board this train will be “unstoppable” in the business.

When enough people get the vision, the rules of the game change.

Burke wants to work with people with the desire to change their financial circumstances.  Success in network marketing requires that a person truly “stare down” fear and generate belief, or faith.  The good news is that once you’ve done it you have a new skill, being able so solve any financial issue in your life that would arise.

Burke also believes in lifelong learning.  He has personally transcribed all of David Wood’s training CD’s in order to be at the top of his game as a network marketer.  This, despite the fact that he is an author who has sold millions of books.  If you have the skills to earn money in this industry, no one can take that away.  Some sacrifices may be necessary in order to reach the level of success you want.  His grandfather packed up two kids from East Hampton, Long Island and moved them to Havana, Cuba, where he built a vast textile empire.  It was all taken away when communism took over.

Losing everything doesn’t have to happen to an entrepreneur in this country who has the skills to earn his own way.  One of the greatest things about the training available to network marketing distributors is that it changes their lives in ways that can’t be taken away.  The skills they develop will serve and support them no matter what happens.

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