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Two Crucial Steps to Success in Network Marketing

Chris Kent is having a new year’s party at his home.  It’s a “list building” party.  In network marketing Chris believes firmly in building a list of contacts.  Of course this is wise practice for anyone who is the the sales realm.Chris Kent Numis Networks Fouder

But in network marketing, the proprietor is truly a sole proprietor, although often backed by a multi million dollar (or in some cases billion dollar) enterprise.  In a recent meeting among distributors in his business (which is Numis Network), Chris asked how many attendees had actually made a list of at least 100 prospects to contact.  Only about 6 in attendance had actually completed this basic task.

Why is this the case (assuming it is true in many companies) for the vast number of network marketing distributors?  After all, the list is crucial to success in the industry.  In fact Chris refers to a network marketer’s list as their “proprietary capital,” meaning their most important asset, and something that is unique to each individual.

This factor is the key ingredient that separates network marketing from more traditional businesses.  Sure, it is possible to pour large sums of cash into a network marketing business through advertising, but it isn’t a necessity, as is more often the case with traditional business.  A network marketer’s “proprietary capital” is free, although it must be continually refined and developed.

But why don’t more distributors follow through on this crucial step that could spell the difference between failure and having moderate or even a level of success beyond their wildest dreams.  Perhaps failing to “dream” is why?  They possibly need to get back to the dreaming stage before attempting their list building exercise.  And if sufficiently energized by their dreams, list building would just “come naturally.”

Belief and desire must come first.  Chris suggests that network marketing distributors must first imagine, vividly what their eventual success would look like.  It is crucial to get a clear mental picture of success, by even rehearsing, if needed.  Some of the most successful distributors took painstaking, detailed steps in visualizing and “acting out” their eventual success, well before it became a reality.  Then, with a clear picture and belief in their eventual outcome, the seemingly more mundane tasks such as actually taking the time to build a list are more likely to be accomplished, if not automatic.

Is network marketing easy?  No.  Is any business venture easy?  Not usually.  The degree of internal fortitude needed in order to persist, often through multiple failures is significant in any case.  But if you’ve made the decision to think big, get a clear picture of your eventual outcome with the realization that you’ll need to hang onto it very tightly.  Maybe you won’t enjoy the ride, but if you persist to your destination, it will be worth it.  This is true whether you’re attempting a more traditional venture or the somewhat offbeat network marketing model.

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