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5 Reasons to Use Facebook PPC for Automated MLM Lead Generation

Andie Petoskey has recently been generating 40 to 50 leads a day in her MLM business, primarily using Facebook Pay-Per-Click.  She is doing this on a part-time basis, and is a corporate executive complete with MBA degree.  Andie is planning to go full-time with her primary company in the near future.  She had never used Google PPC.  On a recent webinar, she shared several tips she’s learned over the last six months.  She has revised her strategy from that posted last July on her blog.

Andie suggests rotating ads, when click-through ratios drop, in order to minimize “over-exposure.”

Why Facebook PPC?

  1. It is a very simple strategy.  The toughest part of the strategy is getting your ad approved, and often depends on the time that an ad is submitted.  She suggests never using the term “MLM” in ads, and finds that submitted ads on weekends often gets better results (approval).
  2. There are over 500 million users on Facebook.
  3. It is inexpensive.  Andie previously has spent high dollar amounts buying leads lists, which turned out mainly to be “tire kickers.”  She started with $10 and now spends $40 to 50 per day, using only cost-per-click.
  4. The leads are targeted.  Her Facebook leads are targeted people who are unhappy in their current MLM, and their particular “likes” including company products.
  5. It runs on “auto pilot,” although Andie suggests monitoring the click-through ratio and rotating ads, in order to minimize “over-exposure.”

There are three parts of setting up Facebook PPC:  the ad itself, an optional sandwich page, and the lead capture page.

MLMRankings.com can be used to find popular companies in the industries to be targeted.

  • The ad consists of a Title, the Body Text, and an Image.  The most important part of the ad is the image.  Since the ads are extremely limited in the number of characters, Andie suggests adding text to your images.  She  cautions against using company logos and products in ads.  She has been contacted on occasion to stop ads if infringing on company trademarks and copyrights.  MLMRankings.com is a great source for researching network marketing companies, and she also researches specific countries in which the companies are doing business in order to decide where to run her ads.  She also suggests using Facebook’s internal resources (e.g., tabs on fan pages) for better ad approval and often gets better approval on weekends.
  • The sandwich page shares value, building a relationship with your prospects prior to sending them to the lead capture page.  Andie has been using pages on her blog, which has greatly improved her Alexa ranking as a side benefit.  She has also used Facebook fan pages, targeting specific network marketing companies.
  • Andie uses MLSP’s lead capture pages in her campaigns.  Her favorite page is the Free Seminar, which converts at 15%.  She also uses pages on her blog for lead capture, simply customizing for each network marketing company she is targeting.  She gets 80 to 90 percent phone numbers using her blog lead capture pages.

Andie uses a generic Facebook account for running ads.  This minimizes the possibility that her main account would be canceled if there are problems with ads.

Andie suggests setting up a different Facebook account for running her ads,  to minimize the possibility of having any problems with her main Facebook account.  My Lead System Pro features additional Facebook and Twitter training in the back office.  Please visit our capture pages to request further information on automated MLM lead generation.

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