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How to Implement Attraction Marketing without any Distraction

Attraction marketing is a powerful concept, usually blending internet marketing with network marketing (or any business model). Although very effective, it can introduce certain issues in a network marketing business, in which team members are highly susceptible to attempts to duplicate what their leadership is doing. The main issue is that it may really not be for absolutely everyone on the team, distracting those that are not suited for it from building their business.

So what is attraction marketing?  Basically it is a marketing method that creates an environment pulling people to your business vs. having to seek out and qualify others.  It is “being” in such a way that people start making decisions unconsciously to follow you.  It is an irresistible pull between your prospect and your business.  True leaders in any business actually compel people to join them.

There are 6  keys to successful implementation.

  1. Build rapport with targeted people – Not everyone is magnetically attracted, so you need to build rapport with lots of people, by acting naturally.  This is why online videos are so powerful.
  2. Give solutions to people’s problems – Many people when they get online, merely start pitching their business vs. providing real solutions, e.g., someone who wants to make a hole, will buy a drill.
  3. Offer additional value in exchange for money – All leaders in the industry have highly valuable information on their blogs that is free.
  4. Make your team exclusive – Most will “beg” people to join vs. having ground rules for the “privilege” of joining
  5. Be a little “unreachable” – You don’t want to be pushing all the time vs. “pulling” people to you.  Never chase anybody about anything.
  6. Don’t care if people never join you – This is opposite of how most people feel, e.g., most operate from scarcity mentality.  You’re looking for a few people who are the “right” ones.

At automated attraction marketing system will have some “killer” value in exchange for contact information, then follow-up with free relevant information to build trust over time.  Once a trust relationship exists you can sell relevant products to help prospects with their business.  Although only a small percentage, some will join you in whatever primary business you’re involved in.  What it is shouldn’t really matter.  If you’ve created a relationship and attraction exists then you’ve established a business partner for life; someone who will follow you anywhere.  But keep in mind that it may not be for absolutely everyone and may distract some from building a network marketing business at all.

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